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Swedish Vodka

The Swedes have quite a stellar reputation when it comes to Vodka. Primarily distilled from winter wheat, Swedish Vodka runs the gamut in terms of filtration—some are triple distilled, while others hit the market completely unfiltered. With each sip you'll encounter a new way to experience and savor Vodka.

Good news: we know some mighty fine Swedish Vodka choices you can start getting acquainted with.
What is Vodka made from? 
Vodka can be made pretty much of any ingredient that contains starch. Potatoes and grains are the most common ones, but you’ll also find Vodka made from beet, sugar beet, sorghum, grapes and many other sources of starch.  
How many calories does Vodka have? 
A 1.5-ounce serving of plain, 80-proof (40 %) Vodka contains 96 calories.  
How many types of Vodka are there?
There are three types of Vodkas: plain, flavored and fruit Vodkas.
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Swedish Vodka
The Swedes first used Vodka to make gunpowder and medicine. But around the 17th century, they began embracing the Spirit as their national drink of choice. Hey—make Martinis, not war.
Swedish Vodka
There’s a reason why people stick their Vodka in the freezer. Keeping the bottle ice cold not only tames some of its fiery heat, but it brings out some of the richness and viscosity of the Spirit.
Swedish Vodka
Hate hangovers? Start cozying up with your old pal Vodka. A study found that the severity of a hangover can be reduced by drinking clear alcoholic beverages (ahem).
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