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Tito's Vodka
My wife’s second choice..
Chase Vodka
One of my favorite vodkas....smooth, by the glass or with a splash of soda nd lime
Quarantine Vodka
One of my favorites that I keep in stock.
Stolichnaya Red Label 37.5%
Vodka is awful
Chopin Potato Vodka
Very clean and smooth, no burn to speak of. Has almost no odor and I like it because I don't find it has much of a taste either, but it does have a slight potato taste on the finish, and maybe hints of black pepper. I'm not a big vodka drinker, but this is my go-to and favorite of all the ones I've tried and can always be found in my freezer. When I do drink vodka, it's in a dirty martini, straight up and Chopin is perfect for that.
Tito's Vodka
Tasty and easy to drink
Quarantine Vodka
This was in my opinion a first rate Vodka that stacks up with the big boys which is incredible given the reasonable price. Made martinis, gimlets and g and t's all with great results. Gave some away and will definitely reorder
Belvedere Vodka
Crisp, clean and a solid favorite of mine!
Pau Maui Vodka
Smooth up front but a bit of a rough finish. Mixes well with some flavored water.
Death Wish Coffee Flavored Vodka
Coffee and chocolate -- begs to be in a white russian
Quarantine Vodka
I am of Polish heritage I have been drinking Vodka for 43 years ! This vodka was just ok. Funny after taste. NOT worth the money
Vdka 6100
Very clean and smooth. I'm not much of a vodka drinker, but when I do I prefer Hangar One. This definitely gives Hangar One a run for it's money, for a lot less money.
Purity Vodka
This is my goto Vodka. I find it has a very clean, crisp taste and is great with any mixers.
Tito's Vodka
very smooth by itself or mixed with lemonade. Really helps calm the nerves.
Volstead Vodka
Very smooth finish despite it's smoky and charred description
Pau Maui Vodka
It was an only ok vodka, very strong nose curling aftertaste.
Death Wish Coffee Flavored Vodka
Smooth and soft aftertaste with chocolate and maple syrup. Amazing!
Pau Maui Vodka
Wonderful. My new favorite vodka. Mixes well with everything.
Smirnoff Red
Good for mixing not good straight
Stolichnaya Red Label
It's Vodka.
Grey Goose Vodka
Pure perfection. My reference for clear effortless spirit.
Our/Vodka Los Angeles
Surpringly a very nice Vodka👏
The Stillery First Dinkelwheat Vodka
It’s definitely chocolate heavy. It’s a bit sweet(?). While I had to force myself a little to finish it, it’s not a bad vodka; it’s just not what I’m looking for in a vodka.
Smirnoff Vodka
Completely clear Nice feel in the mouth, I could not pick up a particular flavor. Warm finish
Death Wish Coffee Flavored Vodka
Snow Leopard Vodka
I drink gin martinis but I would definitely do a vodka martini with this vodka!
Tito's Vodka
My go to bad guy! Made in the USA and great for Bloody Mary’s and any other mixers you can think of with vodka!
Tito's Vodka
Good for vodka
Breckenridge Vodka
Overall this is a very good vodka, but it's not not exactly in line with my personal taste. The smell of it on initial opening had a little more "acetone" smell than I'd normally prefer, but it calms down entirely when it's chilled. There's a little more sweetness to the taste than I personally prefer, which is an attribute it shares with Grey Goose, so that's more a matter of personal taste than of quality. I'd never seen or heard of a corn-based vodka before, so I don't know if maybe that's where the sweet/fruit notes are coming from. My particular taste in vodka runs more to brands like Tito's and Ketel One, my all-time favorite was an Estonian brand called Turi which seems like it just vanished maybe 10 years ago.
Death Wish Coffee Flavored Vodka
This is delicious for anyone that enjoys coffee. It has that creamy chocolate velvet aftertaste and I can see if being great paired with a chocolate desert, as a chocolatini or straight up in coffee itself.
Our/Vodka New York (750ml)
One of the smoothest Vodka's we have ever tasted. Very clean and light, it would be a shame to mix it, try it on the rocks.
elit Vodka
Extremely clean, crisp effect neat, even better in simple tonic. This would be a great addition especially to simple mixers, I'm afraid if you add it to a complex drink you'd lose the effect. If on sale, I'd buy again.
Tito's Vodka
Good as far as vodkas go.
Death Wish Coffee Flavored Vodka
One of my favorite liquors, it's smooth with good coffee, chocolate and sweet notes.
Grey Goose Vodka
Really smooth.
Tito's Vodka
I Enjoy Tito’s, it’s refreshing to my pallet, it’s not my go to when it comes to vodka, but it is extremely enjoyable!
Ketel One Vodka
I’m am not really a vodka drinker, it’s not my cup of tea as the saying goes, however, when I do want some Vodka Ketel one is my go to.
Our/Vodka Los Angeles (750ml)
I am normally a big vodka drinker but, this takes the cake! Super smooth and great for mixing cocktails. Definitely enjoyed the LA aesthetic of the bottle and can't wait to haver my friends try.
Du Nord L'Etoile Vodka
Very mild
Tito's Vodka
My go to Vodka
Our/Vodka Los Angeles (750ml)
My favorite vodka! A seamless companionship for any vodka drink. You can also truly taste the premium quality in it. Definitely recommend!
Tito's Vodka
Best widely available vodka. Hard to compete with smoothness of Tito's.
Volstead Vodka
A bit too bitie compared to others but I enjoyed the layers. Would be a better mixer versus sipping vodka.
Journeyman Red Arrow
My wife's the vodka drinker, and this is her new fave.
elit Vodka
I spared 2 stars in case I come across something amazingly better by this is the best vodka I have had. Great as a mixer or neat...will buy again!
Kabumm Vodka by Sido
I love this Kabumm taste the most in the tasting box with 2 other vodkas
Tito's Vodka
Great, clean taste. You can’t go wrong with Tito’s
Russian Standard Platinum Vodka
The top notch vodka for me. I have done many tastings and Russian Standard Platinum always ends up as number one.
Tito's Vodka
Preferred vodka for mixed drinks, versatile and smooth
Kalak Peat Cask Irish Single Malt Vodka
It is a very good, creamy, Irish Single Malt Vodka that has a delicate birth; while a creamy life leads to a delicate yet smoky death with a hint of clove & sugar.