Netherlands Founded in 2012
VL92 Gin was born of the quest of Dutch entrepreneurs Leo Fontijne & Sietze Kalkwijk, to find their ultimate Gin. Built upon a malt Wine foundation, VL92 Gin has its roots in the Dutch genever tradition.

The malt Wine gives it its boldness; its complexity is derived from the interplay between botanical elements that finish with the eccentric, citrusy endnote of a most surprising ingredient: coriander leaf. This Gin is produced using malt Wine and botanicals like citrus and coriander.

VL92 Gin has a unique packaging design, created by design agency Rare Fruits Council, and is named after a historic sailing freighter that resided in the Dutch town of Vlaardingen, where the Spirit is made. A Gin for Gin Tonic lovers who appreciate herbal complexity and uniqueness.
VL92 Flavor Spiraltm
  • coriander
  • citrus
  • botanicals
  • fresh fruit
  • orange peel
  • phenols
  • herbs
  • pepper
  • spicy
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Van Toor Distillery
Distillery Van Toor started out making Brandied raisins and Advocaat, slowly working their way up to their flagship Schelvispekel, a type of Dutch herbal Schnaps.


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Van Toor distillery is a quaint, classic distillery, located in the city of Vlaardingen. Its history goes back to 1883 when Hendrik van Toor founded a pub in a stunning building on the Market Vlaardingen. Four generations of Toor’s later the family’s distillery was born.

Van Toor is well known for it’s traditional Spirits like Boerenjongens, Bruidstranen, Advocaat, Kandeel and Schelvispekel, which is a fisherman’s drink, that would eventually become the cornerstone of the business to this day.

Owned by Leo Fontijne, the Van Toor distillery is one of the few distillers using traditional, old-fashioned methods.
Distillery info:
  • Country Netherlands
  • Established 1883
  • Owner Independent
  • Visitor center Yes
  • Status Active
  • Address Maassluissedijk 32 3131 KB Vlaardingen The Netherlands
  • Phone +31 (0)10 4342577
  • Websitehttp://www.schelvispekel.nl
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