The Survive(he)r Bundle


The Survive(he)r Bundle

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Character Goatson

What's in the bundle

Glenfarclas 12 Year Old + Tomatin 14 Year Old Port Wood Finish

→ Glenfarclas 12 Year Old
Highland single-malt spirit, premium oak casks, and time. This is the simple magic formula and Glenfarclas 12YO just does NOT mess around. It is aged a full twelve years — from day one — in Spanish Sherry casks. If you are a lover of Highland single-malt Whisky done right, then buy, pour, drink. And repeat.

→ Tomatin 14 Year Old Port Wood Finish
The Tomatin 14YO has everything that a highland Whisky lover is looking for… aged for more than 12 years in ex-Bourbon casks, followed by another 18 months in Port pipes. What else do you need to know? If you are a fan of highland double woods, you will love this one too. But the Tomatin 14YO is thicker, stronger, and just more gosh-darn tasty.
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