The Bonded Bundle


The Bonded Bundle

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Character Goatson

What's in the bundle

Vodka, Gin and Lillet Blanc.
Vodka, Gin and Vermouth. Everything you need to make yourself—and your cocktail friends—the infamous Vesper Martini, named after the beautiful Vesper Lynd, one of (many) James Bond’s uhm... friends.

Here's the recipe

Ingredients (a.k.a. the drinks you get in the Bonded Bundle)
- 3 measures Bloom London Dry Gin
- 1 measure Stolichnaya Elit
- 1/2 measure Lillet Blanc Vermouth
Stir — yes, stir — the Bloom Gin and Stolichnaya Elit well with cracked ice, then strain into a large champagne goblet (if available).

Here’s a hint on how to make it more interesting for you and your party guests - reverse the proportions of Gin and Vodka. Or drink it like Mr.Churchill, and skip Lillet Blanc entirely ;) 
White-tie optional? You bet.


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