Survive(he)r Bundle


Survive(he)r Bundle

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What's in the bundle

Nikka Super Revival Limited + Knappogue Castle 12YO

→ Nikka Super Revival Limited
Yoichi distillery purchased a rare bottle of the original 1962 Super Nikka from a private collection. They tested (and tasted) and analyzed with the best Whisky minds available to recreate this classic tale of love and spirit told across time and space. Mission accomplished… Nikka Super "Revival" Limited is worth waiting for. Kampai!

→ Knappogue Castle 12YO
When it comes to single-malt Whiskey of any kind, there is something special about the number 12. Knappogue Castle 12-yo has sat in a castle “dungeon” for 12 years, undisturbed in ex-Bourbon casks. No games, no tricks, no additives. Boom … done … that’s it then … Bob’s your uncle, so pour me a dram and quit your yapp’in.

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