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Vault Selection XLVIII. Kentucky Pours
It is an outstanding collection of rare drams from Kentucky.
Amaretto di Saronno
Gotta always keep this around the house
Vault Selection XXVII. Japanese Malts
An interesting, sampling of a few expressions from Japan.
Vault Selection XXVI. Biggest in Japan
An outstanding set of Japanese Whisky!
Vault Selection XXXII
An outstanding selection of Japanese Whisky!
Vault Selection XXVI. Biggest in Japan
Great concept but pricing seems a bit unclear in the settings, as are the benefits once you're a member. A "save the date" for the next tasting box could be handy.
No Shrinking Violet Bundle
We love Heeeee Jooooy !!!
The Survive(he)r Bundle
The enjoyment of scotch is not gender specific, Flaviar. Perhaps next time the marketing department can come up with a clever description of how to keep the girlfriend at home by picking up ardbeg supernova or a bruichladdich octomore.. Or any bottle from a list of delectable offerings from the whisky gods. My boyfriend can't stand any of my choice spirits, though he will often try a sip to attempt to understand the excitement that stems from experiencing the flavor of a beautiful single malt. Women appreciate the finer offerings, just so you know. (I'm willing to accept the 750ml bottle of your Lagavulin 16 as a peace offering on behalf of the female scotch enthusiasts :) )