Best of 2014 Bundle


Best of 2014 Bundle

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What's in the bundle

The Stupendous 5. 
The Best of the Year list is back! This isn't just a matter of tradition anymore. The heritage of selecting Only the Best had to be driven to absolute perfection.
We debated, we licked, sniffed and compared, we even broke some arms. But of course, we didn’t forget our Power source, the Flaviar community. With amazingly advanced data-mining techniques we peeked in MyBar sections, carefully considered your feedback, checked sales numbers and even looked up into the stars. Just to be sure. 
And in the end we had to choose. Some cried, some nodded insecurely, some thought that this is just insane, but when we saw the final line-up... we all became speechless.
Meanwhile Uncle Flaviar was quietly sitting on his couch, sipping the Dram of the night and watched as things unveiled, he had his sure bets in his heart...
So just like Kylie, we can’t get them out of our head... Those drops that rocked our World!

(drumroll in the background) 
Mesdames et Messieurs THE STUPENDOUS 5 are:
Knappogue Castle 1995
Koval Single Barrel Millet Whisky
Bruichladdich Scottish Barley Malt Whisky
Antinori Brandy
Gold of Mauritius Dark Rum
Team Flaviar

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