Four Steps To Unboxing Flavors

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Interact and Ask
Share your thoughts, ask Brad anything, and discuss with other Members. This is a safe space, and there are no dumb questions.
About your host

Brad Japhe

reveals the fine art of tasting

In addition to being a fun and clever lad, Brad Japhe is your Spirits Expert du jour! Brad is a freelance scribe specialized in beverage, food, and travel. He hosts monthly tasting events in LA and NYC, and curates drink menus for restaurants and festivals. His work has appeared in Forbes, WSJ,, Bloomberg, Washington Post, etc.

When we say he's a Booze Buff, we mean it. When Brad tells you about oaky notes and a Sherried finish, take note.

Flaviar Awards 2021

The Spirits that got us through 2020

Benjamin’s review on Hercules Mulligan
A great, strong cocktail! Tastes just like the description. Anyone who likes mules, this is a must.
Kyle’s review on Uncle Nearest 1856
Great sipping whiskey with good flavours and history.
Frank’s review on Bruichladdich
I've been wanting to try this scotch for a long, long time, and the wait was worth it.

Flaviar Awards 2021 Tasting Webinar Includes:

  • Live tasting & review of the Flaviar community's favourite spirits of 2020
  • The surprising differences between Spirits categories and brands
  • Expert tips on how to detect, taste, and describe nuances in flavour among the winning Spirits
  • The secret history of Spirits-making

Here’s what you’ll need

Proper Glassware

Save those plastic cups for a beer pong party. You’re a classy connoisseur now!


It’ll keep you hydrate and open up extra flavors in your Spirit.

Snacks & Nibbles

We suggest unflavored and unsalted crackers. They’ll reset your palate between the drams.

If you'd like to learn how to properly taste now, check the video