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Turquoise Bay Amber Rum
Very good. My 2nd favorite from the tasting box
Turquoise Bay Amber Rum
Really good. Very easy to drink with just a little bite at the end. No heavy caramel taste either. I think I will need another bottle to evaluate further :)
Turquoise Bay Amber Rum
Pretty tasty and smooth.
Turquoise Bay Amber Rum
Didn’t get it, got a Gin instead. Since I have it, am keeping the Gin, but would like the Rum (on you since it was your mistake).
Turquoise Bay Amber Rum
First rum I’ve tasted, it’s incredible sweet after the initial spice. A great flavor with a moderate linger.
Turquoise Bay Amber Rum
Smooth and balanced, pretty light and not particularly complex. A little bite up front and on the finish, otherwise typical vanilla/Carmel/honey flavors
Turquoise Bay Amber Rum
A deep soft flavor of caramel, honey and tropical spices. Similar to the spiced rums of the islands.m I liked this rum in the glass, and a nice long pour on the rocks.