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Trois Rivières Cuvee de l'Ocean Rhum
I struggle a bit with agricole rhum and this was no exception.... Grassy on the nose, with some sweeter notes but also a really off note which I can't describe but was frankly awful. It taste better than I was expecting from the aromas with fruity sweetness along with a spicy savoury note. Not for me though.
Trois Rivières Cuvee de l'Ocean Rhum
One of the finest spirits I have ever enjoyed, much less the best light rum / rhum agricole. Grassy, sharp and dry with a long finish not associated with rhum agricoles. One can taste the sea in this fine (but hard to find) rhum.
Trois Rivières 5 Year Old Rum
It is an outstanding cane liqueur from Martinique allowed to mature for at least 5 years, resulting in a well flavored, rich Rhum Agricole. It opens with notes of ground ginger, almonds & a touch of grass. a palate with notes of fresh honey, more grass, dry tobacco & chopped raisins while closing quite spicy, with a medium length.
Trois Rivières Blanc Rhum
Best blanc agricole for mixing. 55 unfiltered.