The Glen Grant

The Glen Grant distillery is nestled in Scotland’s bucolic Speyside region. It was founded by John and James Grant in 1840. In 1872, James Grant, nephew of John Grant, inherited The Glen Grant distillery and later became known as The Major.

He revolutionized the craft of producing Single Malt Scotch Whisky by introducing water cooling purifiers and elongated stills to capture only the finest vapors.

The distillery uses water from the Caperdonich Spring, unpeated Scottish malted barley, which is known for being full of flavor and hand-picks ex-bourbon barrels and ex-Spanish sherry casks, ensuring they are only used a limited number of times.

Glen Grant was one of the first to be sold internationally and thus it is one of the most well-known brands. At present, the Glen Grant distillery houses six stills and runs at near full capacity.

Glen Grant is known for its light character. Younger expressions from the distillery are highly popular in Italy. Whisky is fruity and floral, just like you can expect from a typical Speyside Whisky. Light color and light body are also noticeable.

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The Glen Grant