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Spiral Fifty Pounds London Dry gin
Thames Distillers
Fifty Pounds London Dry
Tasting Notes
Appearance / Color  
Nose / Aroma / Smell  
Citrus and juniper … like it is supposed to be   
Flavor / Taste / Palate
Juniper forward, a hint of sweet and citrus and angelica opens up  
Anise with a dry finish
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50 Pounds is the Boston Tea Party of London Gin — named after a tax, a bit rebellious against authority, and true to the spirit of the country where it was born.  
In the early 1700’s, William of Orange prohibited the importation of all alcoholic beverages into England. I’ll never understand why governments do things like that, it never works, right? As you might expect, the good, drink-loving folks in jolly-old England responded just like Americans did  200 years later. They made “Bathtub Gin” … a lot of it!  So naturally, the British government thought the solution was more regulations and taxes.  They imposed a special tax of £50 on anyone who wanted to distill or sell Gin.   
Predictably, the Gin industry collapsed and the people were collectively more sad. Anyway, that’s where the name came from.The founders of 50 Pounds London Gin named their little craft distillery after that tax in a wry British mockery of the effort.  
This is a proper Gin. The good people of 50 Pounds London Gin are standing up saying, “Wot? You think you fancy-dandy blokes can make Gin better by adding bubble gum and celebrity endorsements? Pish-Posh!” OK, they didn’t REALLY say it like that, but that’s what their Gin says, loud and clear. It is distilled from grain spirits and infused with a classic “perfect” recipe hidden from authorities more than a century ago.   
Juniper berries, a nice blend of citrus, some licorice, grains of paradise, coriander, angelica, savory, a bit of lavender, and a whole lot of lovethat’s what you get in every bottle and that’s just fine with me. That’s their story and they are sticking to it. Cheers!  
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    London Dry Gin
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    Thames Distillers
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    Thames Distillers

Thames Distillers

Fifty Pounds London Dry

(0.75l, 43.50%)

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Did not taste licorice or excessive sweet. Really enjoyed the juniper, citrus and short finish... great gin
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