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Templeton Rye hales from a time when the dames wore short skirts and the mobsters were real. 

Templeton Rye has a great back-story. WAY back in the dark days of Prohibition <shudder> a group of farmers in Carroll County, Iowa, hatched a plan. Meeting secretly in the little town of Templeton, they decided to become bootleggers to supplement their incomes to save their family farms. Thus, Templeton Rye Whiskey was born and quickly gained a reputation of being the rare bootleg beverage that was actually high quality. In fact, it is said that it was Al Capone’s favorite hooch, calling it “The Good Stuff.” 
The end of Prohibition and an economic recovery put an end to Templeton Rye. But in 2001, Scott Bush and Meryl Kerkhoff form a partnership to bring “The Good Stuff” back to the market, producing Templeton Rye Whiskey once again. Just a decade later, Rye Whiskey popularity jumps and Templeton Rye gains national distribution
And this little Iowa company that could still make only one thing… Templeton Rye Whisky. And this is a REAL Rye Whiskey my friend! Legally, you only need to have 51% Rye in the mash bill to call it “Rye.” But Templeton is up to 95% Rye. So you are not tasting a Rye-ish like object here, you are sipping on a real-deal. Knock at the back door and say the password: the speakeasy-loving bottle of Americana in a glass
It is as close an approximation to the original Templeton Rye recipe as you can get while still being legal in the United States. So when Uncle Flaviar mixes up a Manhattan, this Midwest miracle is the only thing he’ll use. Get yourself a bottle now and raise a glass to prisoner #AZ-85 — Al Capone — and taste what it was like to be living on the edge when the dames wore short skirts and the mobsters were real. 


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    Rye Whiskey
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    Templeton Rye Spirits
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    Templeton Rye Spirits

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Tasting Notes

Appearance / Color
Dark Amber    
Nose / Aroma / Smell
Summer grass and distant honey 
Flavor / Taste / Palate
Large baking spices with toffee and creamy butter 
Smooth and balanced 
Ratings & Reviews
Tastes like a manhattan on its own
I absolutely love this rye whiskey. Its became my "usual".
Surprisingly smooth and sweet for a Rye. I expected a 4 year whiskey to be sharper, but was pleasantly surprised.
When it comes to Rye Whiskey this is it! Nothing else I've tried even compares. Absolutely delicious!!!
Very "Makers Mark-like" but with a hint of Jack Daniels. Good go-to whiskey but I've gone down that path before. Need to try other things.
Great rye. Excellent taste and very smooth.
A very smooth easy drinking rye.
I really like this rye
Great rye
Great with oysters
This rye has rich flavor with a smooth finish.
Very smooth, extremely tasty
The previous poster appears to be correct. A Google search turned up an article from 2014: http://www.chicagoreader.com/Bleader/archives/2014/09/26/does-it-matter-where-templeton-rye-whiskey-is-made To sum it up, Templeton is distilled by MGP in Indiana (using MGP's stock rye recipe) and blended in Templeton, Iowa. I've read through their website and they are very careful to use words like "produced" and "bottled", never once claiming that they distill it there. The claim that it closely matches the prohibition-era recipe may not be true; that depends on the recipe that MGP uses. Does that make it a bad whiskey? Not necessarily; that decision is up each individual drinker. The backstory as presented, appears to be somewhat of a fabrication. I've had Templeton both neat and in mixed drinks, and thought it was good, but not outstanding. Given the mostly glowing reviews listed here, it may get a revisit in the near future.
Isn't this Rye distilled by MGP and rebranded as Templeton and other brands? Seems like the marketing material above is a lot of BS. I'd be interested to hear what the knowledgeable folks at Flavior have to say about this.
Another Solid MGP product!
Great in an old fashioned!
An amazing gustational adventure.
Full bodied flavor smooth all the way through. Very enjoyable and easy drinking.
Does the trick when your back is out
Makes a great old fashioned.
I can see how Capone was able to build such a successful empire.
Artificially flavored, re-branded MGP rye whiskey. Much better choices out there for rye whiskey. The flavor is not horrible, I just can't get past the artificial flavoring though.
Love it. Early had a buddy get it got me in Iowa before it was mass produced.
A nice ambassador for new rye drinkers. Very soft, sweet rye. Not very spicy at all.
I'm more of a 'scotch guy' but this is good stuff. Highly recommended
Templeton is my all time favorite. I have tried other rye whiskys but they just don't measure up. There is also nice perks to being in their boot leggers club. In all i think Templeton Rye can not be beat in flavor and aroma. SMOOTH
Great small batch Rye
The rye whiskey that made me love rye whiskeys.
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