Go to School - Flaviar Style

Learn to taste subtle differences and nuances from world class experts.

Get up the Learning Curve with Flaviar’s Masterclasses

Our proprietary spirits education program is set to invite the first students into our program in March.s

Develop a
Well-Traveled Palate

Flaviar brings the distillery tour to you

Each quarter, you’ll explore 3 new, premium spirits. Choose from curated Tasting Boxes that introduce you to unusual and exciting drams, and discover what sets them apart.

Your spiritual journey takes place in three delicious steps:
1. Get 3 tasty samples delivered to your door
Each quarterly Tasting Box includes three 1.5 oz (50ml) glass vials filled with premium Spirits of all categories in the chosen theme.
2. Open, pour, and get to drinkin’
There’s plenty of booze for a thirsty threesome… if you decide to share. You can also get a second Tasting Box and organize a virtual tasting party.
3. Find out what’s happening inside your mouth
You won't be flying solo. The handy Flavor Spiral™ will lead you through every taste and aroma, helping you detect subtle differences and nuances.
ram And that' not all...

Yep, There’s More

The Tasting Box is just the beginning for thirsty Spirits enthusiasts. Your membership also comes with…

Of your choosing each quarter — in addition to the Tasting Box!

Plus, the hassle-free option to cancel any time.

Access to Flaviar-exclusive Spirits — including special craft distillery creations & spirits co-created by Flaviar Members favorites.

A friendship bound by Spirits is a bond for life. If you refer a friend, you both get a complimentary bottle of a Members' favorite. For every friend.

Like a Zoom meeting, but with alcohol, knowledgeable Spirits experts, celebrities, and fellow aficionados.

Mix and mingle with other Spirits enthusiasts who rate, review, and rave over Spirits so you can always find new favorites.

Get Insider Info on Hidden Gems

Ever tried a $40 Bourbon that tastes just like Pappy? Would you like to hear about the freshest releases before everyone else? Well, we keep our ears to the ground and give our Members all the insider info they need to be up to date. Be the first to know.

Tap Into the Collective Palate

Sure, we’re experts on everything ABV, but it’s always great to get a second opinion. That’s why the Flaviar Community is so precious: our Members rate and review, which not only lets you double-check if a dram is top-notch but also helps us predict future blockbusters. Get your info straight and unfiltered.

What You Get with Flaviar Membership

  • 1x themed Tasting Box of your choosing every quarter
  • 1x Premium full-size bottle of your choosing every quarter
  • Access to Spirits not available at your local liquor store or anywhere else
  • Spirits-tasting Masterclasses
  • Insider info on hidden gems
  • Tailored recommendations that match your palate
  • The School of Spirits
  • A Community that rates and reviews
  • Unlimited free shipping on any qualifying order
  • Cancel anytime

Select Your Plan

+ quarterly bottle
+ quarterly Tasting Box
+ 4 quarterly bottles
+ 4 quarterly Tasting Boxes