Tanqueray Bloomsbury Gin

Tanqueray Bloomsbury Gin

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It’s delicious and delightful and you should get some of this secret recipe elixir. 
Tanqueray is famous for Gin. Their famous green-glass bottles have been a staple of the back-bar since Uncle Flaviar wore short pants to the pub on Sundays. They keep their recipes as trade secrets to this day (but we can tease out the occasional ingredient list). These guys define England for most of the world. Put a bottle of Tanqueray on a double-decker bus next to a big red phone booth… you’ve got England wrapped up in a cliche and ready to go. 
Bloomsbury is to London as Brooklyn is to New York… no offense. It is a borough of Camden, smack-dab in the heart of London proper. It was also the home to the original Tanqueray distillery in 1830. So how is Tanqueray Bloomsbury different from the rest of the Tanqueray line? The label lists some pretty standard ingredients, but obviously—and intentionally—leaves some off. So, they won’t tell you—all that “secret recipe” stuff—but we will. 
The “Bloomsbury Martini” has been around for a century. Heck, even Tanqueray has an “official” version on their website. And notice that the seal and cap are a periwinkle blue color? So, to Uncle Flaviar’s taste buds and Sherlock-ian deductive capacity, Tanqueray Bloomsbury is most likely their straight-up “No. 10” premium Gin with the addition of sage, a bit more lemon zest, and a floral … perhaps Gentiana root. 
It’s delicious and delightful and you should get some. We have to go now since the British Secret Service is at the door looking to ask us some uncomfortable questions… please send a barrister immediately. 
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    English Dry Gin
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    United Kingdom, Scotland
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Dog Dogson
Dog Dogson's
Hardcore Gin lovers say the word Martini should never be preceded by vodka, lobster or pomegranate. They say the original and only real Martini consists of Gin, vermouth & olives, period!

Tasting Notes

Appearance / Color
Nose / Aroma / Smell
Juniper and earthiness     
Flavor / Taste / Palate
Juniper first, then an interesting fresh, apply-caramel thing   
Coriander jumps in the finish and trails dry with a floral hit 

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One of my favorite gins, somewhat difficult to come by but far superior to regular Tanqueray!
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