Tangle Ridge

Tangle Ridge is a very interesting product. The core product is a traditional high-rye Canadian Whisky aged a full ten years in oak — which already makes it one of the oldest main-line Canadian Whiskies on the shelf.

But then the Whisky is removed from those first casks, and the resulting Spirit is blended with a small amount of actual Sherry Wine, and re-casked in new barrels to allow the flavors to marry (some sources claim that vanilla favoring is also added, but we cannot confirm this).

All that aging and effort results in a stronger flavor profile than most competing Canadian Whiskies, and a deep amber color. Rye spice, caramel, and vanilla are aggressive on the nose, and the palate is full with more creamy spice and rancio. The finish is longer than most and complex.
Tangle Ridge Flavor Spiraltm
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