United Kingdom, Scotland Founded in 1897
Tamdhu started out as a revolutionary distillery in the time of early railroad construction, electricity and industrialisation in Scotland. Tamdhu’s founders were obsessed with the idea of perfection and constructed the most advanced distillery of its time. They did so with the help of local natural resources – now, after so many years, their heritage is here for us to enjoy.

The distillery was closed for a little while and their water of life was used to make other blended Whiskies at some point. They came back a few years ago however, under a new autonomous leadership, with a simple goal: to make it as it was and to bring it to life in its former majesty.
Tamdhu Flavor Spiraltm
  • smoky
  • oak
  • spicy
  • sherry
  • dried fruit
  • port
  • sweet
  • caramel
  • vanilla
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Tamdhu 50 Year Old that was released to celebrate the 120th anniversary of Ian Macleod Distillers, is one of the most expensive Scotch Whiskies out there. Bottled in hand-made crystal decanter, it retails for nearly £17,000 price tag. Those who have had the chance to taste it, say it's well worth it.

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The Tamdhu Distillery Company was founded at the height of the Whisky boom​, in 1896. The first cask was filled the following year. Two years later the endeavour was sold to Highland Distillers.

Mothballed between 1911 and 1913, 1928 and 1948, and 2009 and 2012, Tamdhu's journey has not been without its trials. But they are running strong today under the guidance of Ian MacLeod Distillers.

When it was built, Tamdhu was one of the most innovative enterprises of its time. Architect and engineer Charles Doig designed the kilns to reduce heat loss, and their waste was shuttled to a nearby rail station. Tamdhu also produced malt, both for itself and for other distilleries, with novel Saladin boxes.

Total capacity at Tamdhu runs near 2.5 million liters annually. Three wash stills and four spirit stills stand at Tamdhu, providing spirit to stock four dunnage and 1 racked warehouse, filled with predominantly ex-Sherry casks.
Distillery info:
  • Country United Kingdom, Scotland
  • Region Speyside
  • Established 1897
  • Owner Ian MacLeod Distillers Ltd
  • Type Single malt
  • No. of stills 3 wash, 3 spirit
  • Status Active
  • Address Knockando, Aberlour AB38 7RP, United Kingdom
  • Phone +44 1340 810695
  • Websitehttp://www.tamdhu.com/
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