Suerte Tequila Blanco

Suerte Tequila Blanco

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Suerte Blanco is a small batch match made in blue agave heaven…

On the Pacific coast, in central western Mexico, nearly 7,000 feet above the ocean, a sea of blue agave sits looking upon a vast Guadalajaran landscape. These are the stunning blue agave plantations of the Jalisco Highlands.

Nearly all of the Tequila from Mexico comes from Jalisco. The arid climate and volcanic soil of Jalisco make a perfect environment for cultivating blue agave - the raw material for Tequila.

Suerto is a small batch Tequila outfit, founded by Colorado Tequila enthusiasts Laurence Spiewak and Lance Sokol. And we love their story. After years of being in the skin care business, these connoisseurs really had no foot in the door in the Tequila industry. But lightening struck one night at a party in Jalisco, when Sokol was handed a bottle of what would later become “Suerte Blanco.”

The Tequila he tasted that night was distilled by a man named Pedro Hernandez Barba, who was itching to get his Tequila tapped into the US markets. Not only that, but the location of the distillery, Atotonilco El Alto, is home to Don Julio, Patron, and Siete Leguas Tequilas. The mineral content of the water in this area is “famous all over Mexico for being the most mineral-rich; distillers want this because it creates a truly unique Tequila," said Spiewak. Destined by the fates themselves Suerto Blanco was written in the stars. They say lightening never strikes twice, but Suerte is just so damn fortuitous.

So if you’d like to taste a little bit of luck mixed with genius, grab a bottle of Suerte Blanco. handcrafted from 100% Tahona crushed Blue Weber Agave, and double-distilled. It’s an uncharacteristically smooth Blanco, bursting with lime and citrus notes. A match made in blue agave heaven. 
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    Tequila Blanco
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    Highlands - Los Altos
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    Tequilera Simbolo

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roasted agave
toasty oak
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Tequila is like Champagne or Cognac. It has a Denomination of Origin, meaning it can only be produced in the Jalisco State, Mexico.

Tasting Notes

Appearance/ Colour

Nose/ Aroma/ Smell
Lime, citrus

Flavour/ Taste/ Palate
Herbal, citrus, sweet

Ratings & Reviews
I only give it 8 instead of 10 because it is a tequila and I'm more partial towards whiskies and rums. This is the best tequila I have ever had. Nice herbaceous, vegetal backbone, balanced out with a soft butteriness.
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