Stranahan’s is proof that sometimes good things can happen when disaster strikes.

After a fire broke out in a barn of a certain George Stranahan in 1998, volunteer firefighter Jess Graber responded and helped his neighbor down the road. The two neighbors discovered a shared passion for Colorado outdoors and fine Whiskey.

Together, they created a smooth American Single Malt Whiskey that manages to marry innovation with tradition. Stranahan’s Whiskey is a proud legacy of Colorado.

For over a decade this Denver-based distillery has produced smooth and flavorful American Single Malt Whiskey using their mountain surroundings to their advantage.

Their award-winning range includes Blue Peak, aged for four years and Solera finished, Diamond Peak, which is distilled in Bushmills casks to marry American and Irish Whiskey tradition.

And of course, there’s the rich, oaky Original that started it all.

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