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Din næste favorit Whisky!

Stauning Whisky is a story of innovation and creativity by an unlikely set of owners in an unlikely place. Explore the New Nordic style of terroir Whisky, treat yourself to a multi-awarded drop and get the chance to win a one-of-a-kind prize.

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How many Danes does it take to create a brand-new Whisky category? Nine: a doctor, a teacher, a chef, a butcher, a helicopter pilot, and four engineers—each bringing their wealth of experience to creating the first Whisky made in Denmark.

In 2005, the Stauning founders began making Whisky in the local butchery in rural West Coast Denmark. They researched the most traditional Whisky production techniques and adopted the best of them, including floor-malting and direct-fired stills. Fast forward to 2018, and their new purpose-built distillery is unveiled, with all of those much-loved Whisky-making techniques still being used and everything being done in-house.

Their first offering was Stauning Smoke, an elegant and award-winning New Nordic Terroir Whisky with a smoky and complex character.

Smoke Single Malt is an heir to the experimental pot still Whisky that compelled Jim Murray (of Whisky Bible fame) to exclaim it might become one of the best peated Whiskies in the world—and it’s not even from Islay!

For their next expression, Stauning had to literally invent a new style of grain: Danish Malted Rye. Stauning Rye Whisky is a smooth and fruity Danish translation of the all-American Spirit, made from malted rye and barley, a one-of-a-kind expression.

Stauning’s flagship Whisky, a Triple Malt that blends Single Malt, Smoked Single Malt, and Malted Rye, is a blend of everything Stauning loves in one bottle. Fruity and complex with a hint of smoke and rye spice. Opulent Nordic terroir influence – and lots of character.

When the ninesome founded Stauning, they had no local Whisky history or knowledge to fall back on. Nothing but a wealth of local raw ingredients and creativity. Thank goodness they went for it and changed the world of Whisky.

Let Stauning redefine Whisky for you.
Let your next favorite sip be from Denmark.

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