Stauning Whisky

Dave Broom, a Glaswegian award-winning writer, said "Nowhere makes a whisky like this… no one else can". Mostly because of its terroir and their unique approach.

Stauning mashes and floor-malts rye and barely on their own, and where most distilleries make do with four stills, they employ twenty-four direct-fired stills. They source local Jutland rye and barley from two farmers within fifteen miles of the distillery and settled on four Spirit types: malted rye, smoked malted rye, malted barley, and smoked malted barley.

Stauning bets on virgin oak casks from the States for their Rye and first-fill Bourbon barrels for most of their Malts. They love to experiment with all kinds of finishes. They also mature their whisky in a wide selection of oak casks that previously contained wines, beer, spirits, and even some more experimental like mead and maple syrup casks.

Their lineup currently features the distinctive, spicy, and fruity Rye Whisky, the smoky and sweet Smoke Single Malt, the subtle signature Kaos Triple Malt, the experimental Bastard Rye Whisky finished in mezcal de Oro casks, and the bold El Clásico Rye Whisky finished in sweet Spanish Vermouth casks.

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Stauning Whisky