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Singani 63 Brandy
I received my taster box but haven't received my Brandy
Singani 63 Brandy
Very smooth Singani - the spirit of choice in Bolivia. Normally difficult to obtain in the US. It is usually enjoyed with Lemon Lime or Grapefruit soda for a refreshing drink that you can’t put down.
Singani 63 Brandy
Crisp and clean, perfect after dinner drink.
Singani 63 Brandy
Nice aroma and a pop of sweet spice Not a brandy guy but might add to collection for a different flavor
Singani 63 Brandy
Very solid brandy, a good mix of sweet and spicy. Very good when paired with chocolate.
Singani 63 Brandy
This tasted like a bottle of liquor mixed with one of my hair products. Guess I'm not a big brandy fan.
Singani 63 Brandy
This is the first Bolivian brandy I’ve had and it’s great! Very smooth and has a sweet aftertaste. Highly recommended
Singani 63 Brandy
Not what I thought. Good news I still have the majority left.
Singani 63 Brandy
Citrusy, warm with a little bit of a bite.
Singani 63 Brandy
Nice fruity flavor, but too much floral notes on the finish.
Singani 63 Brandy
It is an intense, un-aged Brandy that has a bold & aromatic birth; while a dry & balanced life leads to a quick & delicate death with hints of oak & cherry.
Singani 63 Brandy
Seemed quite abrasive to me at the front, I did like the lingering warmth but very difficult for me to drink.