Shortcross Gin

Rademon Estate Distillery was founded in 2012, by couple Fiona and David Boyd-Armstrong. The award winning facility is located outside Downpatrick, County Down at the couple’s historic family estate.

Together the two have revitalized the area’s craft distilling legacy. The couple’s idea for Shortcross Gin began in 2012, after a pilgrimage of sorts across Europe, North America and Asia absorbing all the knowledge they could about distilling and the Spirits industry.

The Shortcross recipe was fully developed by March 2014. The Rademon Estate Gin is a unique twist on a classic Gin. The name comes from the Gaelic for Crossgar ‘An Chrois Ghearr,’ meaning ‘the short cross.’ The name subtly references the location of their distillery, and the Gin is reminiscent of its surrounding terroirs.

Shortcross is a true “Craft Gin,” crafted from regional accents using small batch methods, the definition of the term. The Rademon Estate is equipped with bespoke stills crafted by German still makers Carl, a 450 liter copper pot still as well as two enrichment columns.

For their terroir Gin, David and Fiona foraged wild clover from the surrounding forests and gardens at Rademon Estate. The recipe also includes elderflowers and elderberries botanicals, which combine to create smooth floral notes and sweet flavors.

Estate grown green apples give the Gin fresh, lively, sweet aromas. These local botanicals are combined with traditional juniper, coriander seeds, lemon peel, orange peel and cassia to a wheat base distillate.

The distillate is cut with pure fresh water, drawn from their historic estate well. Shortcross is bottled at 46% ABV, in small batches of 200 – 300 bottles.
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Shortcross Gin