Founded in 2011
Shelter Point Distillery was founded in 2011, on a 380 acre farm in Oyster River, British Columbia, on Vancouver Island. Shelter Point is a true “estate” operation in that they grow their own barley on-site.

All of their products are made from this grain, and the water for distillation and dilution comes from a river that crosses their land. Founder Patrick Evans purchased the farm in 2005, from the local university which used it as an experimental farm.

But a portion of that land block was part of the historical Evan’s estate from way back. So the land has come back full circle. He runs the farm and distillery as an “artisanal” operation, controlling every aspect of production to craft his vision of a Canadian single malt Whiskey.

Since inception, they have expanded operations to produce a Vodka and the unique Sunshine Liqueur — a combination of their barley spirit, maple syrup, and botanicals.

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When they purchased the farm it included 200 meters of ocean-front and some wetlands. They have gifted this portion of the land to environmental land conservation funds, to protect migratory birds on their journey.
Video from Shelter Point
Video transcription
Patrick: It's gonna be grassy, fruity, sweet from the cotton woods, and please God, maybe a little bit of salt. That's what we're hoping for. Pretty amazing. All the different variations of Single Malt Whiskies, all the different variations of flavor per pulse, it come from one little kernel. My name is Patrick. I'm the owner of Shelter Point Distillery.

James: My name is James Marinus. I'm the operations manager here at Shelter Point Distillery. One moment on the farm that I always enjoy is that first thing in the morning. Before all the work starts, you get up, get your coffee, you just walking around, look at the beach, look at the field, look at the trees, you got everything. It's actually quite peaceful.

Patrick: Early in the mornings or late meetings, it's those little golden moments. It's a very quiet time, very peaceful time. It's when all the wildlife start to crawl in. You see the deer and the bear. Lots of critters are wandering around. It's one of those little moments. You wanna capture as many of those little typical moments in your life as you can, and actually here, I don't think we've ever touched so many. Standing out here in our field of barley doing even this, what a brilliant moment for us.

James: The incredible piece about this farm is the water source. Two feet of organic matter soil, the barley loves it. It loves to be drained down, but all our water comes from our [inaudible 00:02:10]. It's very, very shallow, so we gotta protect it. But look at the water coming in there. This is filtered glacial water. But what is this land best used for? What's the most value you can add to a grain crop? Turning it into Single Malt Whisky is the highest value we can add to it.

Brian: My name is Brian Ingle. I conduct the Whisky tasting and tours at Shelter Point Distillery. We are actually growing our own barley that will go into our stills and will end up in the bottle.

Patrick: And when you seed something down, herbs, and grow it, process it, plant it, turn the bottle actually here on the side, it's a lot of fun.

Brian: This is how a good Whisky is made. In the pot still, pure copper. The copper does something to the Whisky, and a little bit of copper goes into every bottle. [00:03:42] [Music] [00:04:28]

Brian: And the end result is pure liquid gold.

James: So we've got everything we need, and we've got the land, we got the grain, we got the water, the sun, distillery, the manpower, the know-how. Now, it's a just a matter of time.

Brian: Truly, it will be a field-to-flask experience. [00:04:58] [Music] [00:05:17]

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