Craft beer movement is big and getting bigger by the moment. Two shrewd Californian fellas, Tim Obert and Clint Potter, decided to ride the wave and take it up a notch. Several notches of ABV to be precise. The math was simple for them. They love craft Beer and they love good Whiskey, and since both are basically the same thing—speaking ingredient-wise—why not make one out of the other?
Okay, okay... it’s not a totally new idea, because most whisky distillers use “Beer” for base, but this Beer isn’t the end product you can find on the shelves and in bars. There’s no hops, no spices, the malt is never roasted… you get the point. At 7 Stills Distillery they focus on making Whiskeys from extremely high quality craft Beers and this IS a unique concept. Where does the 7 come from? Well, it’s one still, one craft beer and one Whiskey for every hill of San Francisco. Savvy? Savvy.

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