Founded in 1913
Canada-based Seagram’s was a titan of the liquor industry for generations — shipping products all over the world. Since it’s rapid demise in the 1990s that resulted in the divestiture of their brand portfolio, the Seagram’s branded products were largely left behind the times.

But there are signs that the owner of the Segram’s name and brands for liquor products — Pernod Ricard (CocaCola owns the soda and mixers rights) — is moving to revitalize some of the classic Seagram’s products, including Segram’s VO.

The VO stands for “Very Own” and was used to designate a formula of the Seagram’s family for personal consumption. 

But this largely traditional, value-based Canadian Whisky does have bit different flavor profile than it’s cousins. It is dryer and less sweet with more of a smoky and spicy char flavor.

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