ripe fruit
Spiral Santis Snow White Winter Editon III
Santis Snow White Winter Editon III
Tasting Notes
Appearance / Color
Nose / Aroma / Smell
Dark ripe fruit and spice 
Flavor / Taste / Palate
Brandied cherries and apples and sponge cake
Rich, sweet, and luscious 

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In this story, Snow White is a blonde Swiss beauty with a sexy, naughty side. 

When most people think of Switzerland they think of lederhosen, fine watches, Julie Andrews singing on the mountaintops, and their famous army knife. When Unlce Flaviar thinks of Switzerland, he thinks of Säntis Malt Whiskies and the Brauerei Locher Distillery … and Julie Andrews because he always had a thing for that chick. 
Braueri Locher has been a beer brewery for longer than the hills have been alive with the sound of music. But one day they realized that they had the tools and they had the talent and the good people of Switzerland needed a local dram. So they set to distilling their blended malt Whiskey. Turns out that those Swiss are pretty good at it too. 

If you are “in the know”and you are obviously a customer of Flaviar, so we will assume that you are the right there with us — you have already learned that Säntis Malt issues their VERY popular “Snow White” seasonal Whiskey releases each Christmas and each one has special, holiday aging and finishing. Well, today we are talking about Säntis Malt Snow White 3the third version of their holiday classic—and you may want to take notes. 
Säntis Malt Snow White 3 is aged for four years in Beer barrels from their very popular Swiss brewery, then it is an additional year in Vieille Prune Gascony Plum Brandy casks. And those are special and expensive casks indeed. Vieille Prune Brandy is a rare, fine French Aperitif with a haunting, exotic spiciness that is VERY hard to find. You will love what it does to the Whiskey. It’s like finding out that Snow White has this sexy, naughty side that she hid from boring Prince Charming the whole time. 
  • Style
    Single Malt Swiss Whisky
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Santis Snow White Winter Editon III

(0.5l, 48%)

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