Santis Snow White Winter Editon I


Santis Snow White Winter Editon I

(0.5l, 48%)

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Säntis Malt Snow White 1 tastes like a mountain holiday served by Julie Andrews. 
When most people think of Switzerland they think of lederhosen, fine watches, Julie Andrews singing on the mountaintops, and their famous army knife. When Unlce Flaviar thinks of Switzerland, he thinks of Säntis Malt Whiskies and the Brauerei Locher Distillery … and Julie Andrews because he always had a thing for that chick. 
Braueri Locher has been a beer brewery for longer than the hills have been alive with the sound of music. But one day they realized that they had the tools and they had the talent and the good people of Switzerland needed a local dram. So they set to distilling their blended malt Whiskey. Turns out that those Swiss are pretty good at it too. 
Each year at Christmas time Säntis Malt issues their VERY popular “Snow White” seasonal releases, and it has nothing to do with the fairy tale. Säntis Malt Snow White 1 (there are now three of them). What make it special is the absolutely unique cask aging and finishing. Each Snow White limited release has a special aging formula and process. For Säntis Malt Snow White 1, each cask is carried in by seven dwarfs whistling. 
OK, just kidding about the whistling dwarfs thing, but listen to this … remember that Braueri Locher started as a beer brewery, right? Säntis Malt Snow White 1 is aged for 4 years in old Beer barrels, then it is transferred into casks used to age Apple Liqueur for another full year. So this malt Whiskey comes out with a spicy, hoppy, sweet-apples-and-cinnamon thing going for it that makes it just taste like an adult mountain holiday. Hi ho, Hi ho … to the Flaviar store we go!

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    Single Malt Swiss Whisky
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slightly sweet
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Tasting Notes

Appearance / Color
Dark Amber   
Nose / Aroma / Smell
Cinnamon, fruit, and hops 
Flavor / Taste / Palate
Like an adult apple spice cake
Crisp and fruity 
Ratings & Reviews
not sure about swiss whisky!
Can definitely taste Apple and spice in this but the drink overall feels disappointing, leaves an unpleasant burn, not the pleasant warming of a good whisky. My first purchase and I feel I've made a mistake.
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