Singin' In The Grain

Singin' In The Grain

Singin' In The Grain

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Don't bother if it rains, it's all in the grains. 

To be honest, for July we just needed a good enough excuse to book plane tickets and fly back and forth over the Atlantic. And expanding your flavour horizon is one heck of a good excuse.

We began the quest to find the best grain in the neat and orderly Austria, where they produce this delish Oat Whisky.

Next we hopped over to Canada and sourced some of the finest Rye Whiskeys around.

It was too easy at that point, so we left America, and made a Tour de France to get our hands on this mag-ni-fique Buckwheat* Whisky from Bretagne, mmm that’s some fine stuff.

But the American Eagle called again. So we flew over the Atlantic one last time and visited windy Chicago, for this perfection they make from Millet had waited there for us.

And obviously there was no better place to end this spiritsual journey than in the land of the ever-flowing Water of Life - Scotland. There we found their prime Uisge Beatha, made from malted Barley of course.
Whisk(e)y galore, like never before. We tell ya.

May the Dram be with You.


The SmartAss Corner:

1) Oats? Yes, just like your breakfast cereal, what the hell are they doing in your Whisk(e)y? A tiny proportion of oats is used for the production in some Irish Whiskeys. Oats facilitate the separation of water from the unmalted barley after the process of mashing is over. 100% Oat Whisky is hard to master and it’s not cheap to produce.

2) Rye - think of it as Bourbon's edgier cousin. It’s known for imparting, what many call a spicy or fruity flavour, to the Whiskey. Bourbon (distilled from at least 51% corn), is noticeably sweeter, and tends to have a fuller body than Rye. That’s why the character of a cocktail made from Rye, instead of Bourbon, is drier.
3) Spot the intruder! *Buckwheat is actually a seed and not grain. So in most countries the spirit made from Buckwheat cannot officially be called Whisky. But not in France :)
4) Millet is known for growing in arid regions and the making of "millet-beer" in the Far East. As a grain for distilling it is a fairly popular base for spirits in Nepal and Central-Eastern Europe.
5) Holy Barley was one of the first cultivated grains. It is a staple in Tibetan cuisine and was eaten widely by peasants in Medieval Europe. Barley is also used as a - Here we go - source of fermentable material for Beer and certain distilled beverages (Wheeeeeesky!).

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