Peat It, Peat It!

Peat It, Peat It!

The Peat is on, the Peat is o-ooon!
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Character Goatson
  • smoky
  • white pepper
  • spicy
  • oily
  • malty
  • phenols

The Peat is on, the Peat is o-ooon!

Phenol fans it is time to peat and re-peat.
Peated Whisky is a malt Whisky with the distinct smoky smell that comes from treating barley with Peat. It's very different. It's an acquired taste. Some love it, some hate it. The Peat spectrum knowns no middle ground, and no mercy is spared on your palate, it's like Blue Cheese, a polarizing affair, either you hate it or you absolutely adore it. You know what they both have in common? They pair/go well together. Hint, hint.
Dear Peatheads and soon-to-be Peatheads, next one coming on stage, a Peat extravaganza, an artist who’s gonna moonwalk you through the Peaty choruses, ladies and gentleman, Siiir Whisky Peat:
"Alright, we got white Peat, black Peat, spanish Peat, yellow Peat. We got hot Peat, cold Peat. We got wet Peat. We got smelly Peat. We got hairy Peat, bloody Peat. We got snapping Peat. We got silk Peat, velvet Peat, naugahyde Peat. We even got horse Peat, dog Peat, chicken Peat.
C'mon, you want Peat, come on in Peat Lovers!
If we don’t got it, you don't want it!
Come on in Peat lovers!

Hey, you just met it, and this is crazy,
But for Peat sake, taste it, maybe.
So Peat it, just Peat it!
Cheers (Continues with Eddie Van Halen epic solo)
SmartAss & Trivia
1) Scotland is in large part covered by a 1 meter thick layer of Peat, formed in the past few thousand years. Peat (also known as turf) consists of moss, tree roots, dead animals and soil that has become tightly compacted over time. The moors grow approximately 1 mm per year.
2) In Scotland Peat was first used as an energy source because when burnt it delivers a large amount of energy in a short time in the form of heat.
3) After the Peat is cut the 'sod' is then left to dry in the open air for around two-three weeks. 
4) In the Whisky industry Peat was first used for heating the pot stills, however that didn’t lead to the smoky taste of a Whisky - that comes during the drying process, when the malted barley is dried over Peat heated fire. The Peat is burnt underneath the malted barley to stop its germination, helping preserve the malt for storage.
5) Phenols, the molecules responsible for the Peaty/smoky/rubbery flavours are broken down as a Whisky matures, thus Peaty flavours are slowly lost as Whisky matures.
6) The level of phenols is controlled by the length of time that the barley is exposed to the smoke, the amount of smoke produced, the type of Peat used and the humidity of the barley. Phenol levels are measured in PPM’s, which stand for Phenol Parts per Million. Distilleries always have the same PPM values for their malts in order to remain consistent.
7) Most commonly the recorded PPM values are measured before the distillation, not in the final spirit. During ageing the phenol levels drop 30-70 per cent from the original measurements.
8) The World’s most Peated Whisky is produced by Bruichladdich.
9) Scotland grows more Peat than it is dug out.
10) Cocktail aficionado? Here’s an exciting Peated Whisky cocktail recipe: Smokey The Bear by Stuart Fritz / LAB Soho, London
11) There’s a whole book dedicated to Peated Whiskies - Peat, Smoke and Spirit by Andrew Jefford.

What's in the box

  • 1 World Whisk(e)y
  • 2 Scotches
  • smoky
  • malty
  • spicy
  • earthy
  • white pepper
  • fruit
  • sweet vanilla
  • tropical fruits
  • bitter oak
Amrut World Whisk(e)y
  • smoky
  • phenols
  • oily
  • herbs
  • cinnamon
  • white pepper
  • vanilla
  • sweet
  • spicy
Caol Ila Scotch
  • sherry
  • fresh fruit
  • smoky
  • oily
  • peaty
  • salty
  • dry
  • sweet
  • bonfire
Peat's Beast Scotch
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Dog Dogson's Smartass corner
Character Dogson
The Bangalore distillery employs 450 people, and everything, including packaging is done by hand.
Caol Ila is named after the body of water it sits on. Its name translates from Gaelic as "Strait of Islay."
The water source is a local well 24 km away from the distillery. The water travels a long distance before being used.

Wyoming Whiskey is committed to saving America’s lush nature, so they decided to launch a spectacular National Parks Limited Edition American Whiskey. Ten percent of every bottle sold goes to the National Park Foundation.

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