Asia & Oceania Vol.3

Asia & Oceania Vol.3

House of the Rising Malt

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Riddle us this: what do Australia and India have in common with Japan? 

Turns out, it’s an exceptional taste for Whiskey. True story.

While Japan has its fair share of awards and medals, including the gorgeous Fukano 10-Year-Old rice Whisky with its butterscotch, coconut and lychee notes, these two nations are producing some pretty darn exceptional malts that are quickly earning them a reputation in the global Spirits game.

Over in India, for instance, Amrut distillery’s Amrut Single Malt Whisky is turning heads all around the world. And this Single Malt expression is doing that with an unforgettable flavor profile that includes toffee, barley-oak sweetness, and licorice-Bourbon notes.

Down under, Australia’s Starward Nova has been aged in casks that previously held Australian red wine for about two years thanks to the climate’s speedy aging in "Melbourne years." The result is an attention-grabbing Single Malt with a luxurious mouth feel full of red fruit and honey.

You don’t have to be a betting man to see that these Far East Whiskies offer low-risk and high-return when it comes to flavor. Time to tip up your cup, throw your hands up and toast to these soon-to-be Whiskey high-rollers.

Smartass Corner:

1) You might think the temps in India would spell disaster for Whisky production. On the contrary — it hovers at about 85-degrees Fahrenheit (35-degrees Celsius) making it comparable to Kentucky and Tennessee Whiskey.

2) However, dry conditions are a huge obstacle for Indian Whisky production. The lack of humidity causes the aging process to increase by about six-fold (i.e. a six-year-old Indian Whisky is similar to an 18-year-old Scotch Whisky).

3) India is the biggest consumer of Whisky in the world… But nearly all the "Whisky" produced there is made from molasses-derived Spirit (Rum?), which — according to EU and US legislation — isn’t Whisky at all. 

4) While WWII was a horrible time for the world as a whole, Japanese Whisky sales boomed during that time. Sales reports from Suntory and Nikka show a huge boost in domestic consumption during the war, as both companies supplied Whisky directly to the army and Japanese forces.

5) Although Australians have been distilling Whiskey since the mid-19th century, the modern industry really got its start in the mid-1990s when a land surveyor named Bill Lark successfully lobbied against a law that banned microdistilleries.

6) Australian Whiskies tend to set themselves apart from the rest of the Whiskey producing world by using Brewer’s malt in their mash bill and using smaller casks for aging. The result: rich, oily malts that stand out from the typical Scotch.

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Ratings & Reviews
Member Reviews and Ratings of Asia & Oceania Vol.3
These were three whiskeys that I would never have come across if it were not for this tasting flight. I enjoyed the Fukano the most, followed by the Starward, but did not care for the intense spiciness of the Amrut. It is a fun way to try some unique whiskeys!
Nicely done
None of these are my style, but this is exactly what I was hoping from Flaviar, please let me explain... Flaviar enabled me to try 3 whiskeys that I otherwise would never have tried. Certainly wouldn’t have invested in any of these bottles from a liquor store, and may not have discovered them in even the most well-stocked and adventurous bars that I frequent. I was gifted a Flaviar membership so that I can have the luxury of jumping off the deep end and explore what I otherwise wouldn’t and for my first quarterly tasting—I couldn’t have asked for a better experience.
Really enjoyed the variety. The Japanese and Australian whiskies were our favorites. We didn’t care for the Indian whiskey, but it was fun to try!
A nice mix from different parts of the world. I enjoyed the Fukano the best with Starward second.
Fukano- Would I buy a bottle? Yes. Not an overpowering aroma, and it gives the front buds of your tongue a shot of different flavors. It is smooth and doesn't burn the back of your throat. Starward - Would I buy a bottle? I may need another sample first. I'm on the fence with this one. Just the right amount of oaky flavor and not an overpowering aroma. Amrut-- Would I buy a bottle? Most likely, no. I'm not sure how to describe it. a very strong oak flavor. It was missing something or it was too much oak coming through. I was not impressed with this one. It was a disappointment for me anyway. If you like that strong oak flavor, this one is in your wheelhouse.
After trying two Japanese whiskeys I have a newfound respect for this genre. I will be sampling more. Also enjoyed the Indian whiskey. The Australian was very good but the least favorite of the three.
Liked all 3, but liked the Starward the most. Was sitting by a fire and the bottles were close enough to get warm. I drank the Starward cold. The Amrut bottle was warm, and the Amrut was very smooth to the taste. I suspect the Starward would have been similar, if it was warm. The Starward and Amrut tingled my mouth. The Fukano had a little burn when I swallowed. All were enjoyable.
The Fukano is the star of this show - very good on the nose with a sweet first taste and no hard bite. The Australian and Indian were nice as well but the Japanese reigns supreme in this trilogy.
Fukano was different but very nice. Starward was tasty but all that sampled it agreed it would be more of a warm weather sipping drink. The Indian sample was not in my wheelhouse.
None of them was good amrut was absolutely awful, and the Fukano was almost undeniable I got one sip and it was super harsh way to much spine it was like pepper soaked in battery acid
I loved this. The moment I tried the Amrut I ordered a whole bottle. That’s what these tastings are for, to try new things.
Loved getting to taste from three different regions. The flavor profiles are all unique and helped to expand my whiskey profile
The Aussie and Japanese were both tasty, with the Japanese being the smoothest of the lot. The Indian selection is definitely NOT for those averse to a heavy smoke profile.
All three samples were good. Two of three (Australia and India) were very good.
Great, unique collection. Especially liked the Fukano.
The Amrut was so bad.
The only one of the three I enjoyed was the Fukano. The other two were like rubbing alcohol. Really disappointing.
Mediocre at best. Really felt like I was tasting something that was just thrown in a bottle here. Maybe just not to my pallet but either way I am glad I tried them or at least two of them in a tasting box. The Japanese was decent, Australia subpar and India was mouthwash
Starward is always solid, and the Amrut was decent, but sweet baby Jesus — The Fukano is delicious.
Not our jam.
Very happy with this box! All three were solid! Amrut and Starward were interesting, off the beaten path single malts - good, but not extraordinary. But the Fukano is really something special and really makes this box a prime one to get! Highly recommend
Very happy with this box! All three were solid! Amrut and Starward were interesting, off the beaten path single malts. But the Fukano is really something special! Highly recommend
The Fukano makes this box worth it. Starward is pretty solid, fairly fruity with some spice, the Amrut tastes like liquid oak to me.
I'm getting berries, passionfruit and ceylon cinnamon on the nose. The body is a bit thin for my taste, and the midpalate feels a bit short, with an initial sweetness that gives way to barrel tannins and malt. Glad I tried it, but not one I'll get a bottle of.
The experience was as interesting as I thought it would be. The Aussie was utilitarian but decent, the Amrut was interesting to try, but a bit blunt/heavy-handed for me, and the Japanese was weird but delicious . Very fun!!!!
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