Alexander Murray

Alexander Murray

Scotchy, Scotch

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The X in Alexander Murray stands for Excitement
When Scotsman Steve Lipp left his beautiful misty country for sunshine and palms of California, he did it with a good reason: bring the best Scotch to West Coast. Bearing the name of his favorite great uncle Alexander Murray, these three bottles are a family reunion of the most breathtaking Whiskies SoCal has to offer. It’s a Scottish Spirit among stars and sunburn. Welcome to Scotchifornia!
The adventurous heir of the powerful Caledonian Murray Clan brought ancient knowledge of Scotch-making to the Golden State, where he makes sure his Whiskies follow the strict code of tradition. Mr. Lipp continually offers exceptional expressions of single malts and blends.
This Tasting Box showcases three exuberant samples of Alexander Murray’s magic: secretive 19 YO Glenlossie, 23 YO Benrinnes, and 19 YO Miltonduff. They prove that a single producer can routinely surprise us with multiple delicacies that are far from routine. Let the true Scottish essence inspire you, and the warm enthusiasm of California caress you with lovely and exiting flavors.
The chief of the Murray clan has the authority to raise Europe’s only legal private army, but the Spirits that bear the clan’s name will sure as heck mobilize the armies of Whisky lovers. The sensational marriage of Scottish mythos and Californian freedom will bring a tear of happiness on your cheek as these three champions of excellence offer you three good reasons to sit down and have a glass of Scotch with your favorite person. May the Murray Clan turn your group of friends into a Merry Clan. 
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1) Single Malt Whisky is by definition made exclusively from malted barley, at one single distillery, in copper pot stills. 

2) Single Malts are produced by more than 40 distilleries across America and they give it various poetic names. Stranahan calls it "Colorado Whiskey", RoughStock named it "Montana pure malt Whiskey", while Hamilton Distillers of Arizona dubbed it "Whiskey Del Bac". The safest term, however, is "single malt Whiskey".

3) Single malts are produced in every continent but Antartica and it's quite big in Japan. They particularly follow the Scottish distilling traditions, tweaking them slightly. Large quantities of Scotch were originally imported to Japan and blended with native Spirits.

4) Steve Lipp spent his summers on the farm of his great uncle Alexander Murray. He then worked on an oil field and escaped the Reaper twice. He then invested in a distillery where his brother-in-law's father worked. When he eventually moved to California, he founded Alexander Murray in Calabasas, near Jennifer Lopez and Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson.

5) Clans are big in Scotland, giving a sense of shared identity and family to their members with heraldry, coats of arms and tartan patterns. One of the most important is Clan Murray, an ancient Highland Scottish clan, established back in the 12th century. They were staunch supporters of William Wallace (you know, the Mel Gibson "Freedom!" guy).

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Single Malt Scotch Whisky is made in Scotland using a pot still distillation process at a single distillery, with malted barley as the only grain ingredient. It must be matured in oak casks in Scotland for at least three years (most Single Malts are matured longer, though).
Has the largest number of distilleries
Effectively, all the areas surrounding the Speyside region
Unrecognised sub-region of Highlands
Scotch Whisky Regions
Located south of the imaginary line between Glasgow & Edinburgh
A small, rugged island off the west coast of the mainland
Area around the town on the Kintyre peninsula
Scotch Whisky Regions
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Ratings & Reviews
Member Reviews and Ratings of Alexander Murray
I received this tasting box, however it contained 3 different Alexander Murray selections that were not my favorites. The Dalmore 15 year was by far the best in my box.
A very good selection from Alexander Murray.
This is my first tasting box and I enjoyed it very much. A friend and I tried the blind tasting and it was fun and delicious. It inspired my friend to sign up also. The flavor of all of these bottles is fantastic and they are all a little different from one another. Complex and very tasty. Thanks Flaviar for allowing me to try these!
Loved it
This box was very good. Each whisky had nice complexity and balance. My favorite by far was the 17 year.
It’s a very sharp flavor. All three bottles burned the mouth. Was not enjoyable at all. Best one was the 17 year believe it or not.
It was a good selection. Really liked the B, followed by A and then C.
Very good smoked scotch choices
My favorite was the 23 year old. It smells like christmas cookies and while sharp. Is exciting and full of flavor. All of them are sweet on the nose and full of fruity / herbal notes. I wouldn’t turn these scotches down, but I’m also not sure I would ever buy them at their price point. I think there are much better options
To Smokey
Sooo good! The 23 year was amazing and smooth. I wish I could buy a bottle. Worth it just to try that one
3 different flavors but all equally smooth
Really liked this tasting box. Very bold flavor.
The 17 year had a smooth taste and a fairly strong odor. The 19 year had a strong odor and a smooth, but strong taste. The 19 year was my favorite of the three. The 23 year had a somewhat fruity odor and it had a great smooth taste.
This is my first time trying Alexander Murray and I’m a believer. Benrinnes is more of traditional Scotch with the flavors heavy of the malts. Miltonduff was very interesting and complex with a very Fruity note and strong oak finish. Glenlossie was my favorite of them all which was very fragrant and fruity with an oily finish. Even my wife who is not a Scotch drinker at all loved it!!
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