Mount Gay Rum Flight

Mount Gay Rum Flight

Barbados’ ruling Rum

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The finest things in life age in reverse – they leverage expertise to improve over time.

Two such things are aged Spirits and iconic watches. 

This kit includes access to a private, guided tasting hosted by Mount Gay Rum, the oldest commercial Rum company in the world, and Crown & Caliber – one the world’s largest marketplaces for luxury watches. 

Along the way, you’ll pair three iconic Mount Gay expressions with three unique timepieces curated by experts at Crown & Caliber. As you’ll see, the stories of expertise, heritage, and community weave together seamlessly.

Here is a sneak preview of the Mount Gay Rum flight:

Eclipse: A crisp, aromatic sip with an oaky kick named after the double phenomenon of 1910, when a solar eclipse occurred at the same time as Halley’s Comet passed the Earth. Eclipse is the embodiment of the Mount Gay style and the perfect pour for long, refreshing cocktails.

Black Barrel: A Rum aged in American Whiskey barrels and finished in charred ex‐Bourbon casks providing a spiciness to the classic vanilla, banana, dark chocolate notes.

XO: A blend of five to 17‐year‐old rums aged to perfection in a three types of casks — ex‐Bourbon, ex‐Whiskey, and ex‐Cognac, resulting in a liquid that is rich, complex, with a long, smooth finish.

As for the watches that pair with these Rums? You’ll have to tune in to see for yourself.

Learn more about our partnership with Mount Gay Rum and Crown & Caliber:

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Dog Dogson
Dog Dogson's
Rum used to be accepted as a form of currency in Europe and Australia, a practice we should probably bring back into fashion.

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