Up In Smoke Vol.2

Up In Smoke Vol.2

Welcome to the Smokeshow

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The smokeshow. 

You know what we’re talking about. A vision of pure smoldering loveliness that takes your mother effin’ breath away.

The smokeshow turns heads. Makes waves. Leaves an impression. Love it or hate it, you’ll never forget it. Because it’s straight up FIRE.

Need some examples of smokeshows in their prime? Look no further than Brigitte BardotJames Dean and just about any damn Islay Scotch gracing us with its presence.

‘Cause you know what they say — where there’s smoke, there’s fire… and these roasty, toasty Spirits are straight up bringing the heat.

There’s no way you’ll ever forget taking a sip of a smoky Spirit. It hits you right in the memory bank. It recalls nights filled with tall tales told by a campfire, roasting marshmallows over a crackling flame that leaves a lingering scent of burning ash and faint wisps of kerosene in your hair. It’s warmth, comfort and kinship on a long, still night.

But what makes a Spirit smoky? In some cases, nature has her hand in it.

Islay knows what we’re talking about. Located off the west coast of Scotland, the Island produces some of the smokiest Scotch on the market thanks to its peat — a byproduct of the grasses, mosses and shrubs that live and die in the perpetual bog. The peat burns like coal and is used to dry the malt that makes the Scotch, imparting a pungent smell and taste.

But Mother Nature isn’t the only star in this smokeshow — humans can manufacture a smoky flavor by charring barrels used for aging. It’s a shortcut, but... work smarter not harder, right?

Which brings us to the three fine smoky specimens you’ll find in this box: Whiskey Del Bac Mesquite Smoked Dorado, a smooth sip that’s been rounded off with a heavy dose of American hardwood smoke; Madre Mezcal, an Oaxan Spirit that counts on cooked agave for its charred flavor; and The Bank Note Peated, a blended Whisky using peaty Scottish malts to create its special brand of smoke.

So, find a glass and kick back in front of an open flame — this Tasting Box is one for the books.


Smartass Corner:

1) There’s no getting around the smoke in Mezcal because to make it, you have to roast agave, which is traditionally done by burning logs in a pit. But in that smoke, you’ll find a whole range of different flavors including spice, fruit, floral and the occasional funky fermented note.

2) Produced by Jose Garcia Morales and his family in the rolling hills of the Oaxacan Sierra, Madre Mezcal is distilled from agave Espadin and agave Cuishe that have been roasted in an earthen pit before being fermented with local well-water and wild mountain yeast.

3) After the Excise Tax on Whisky in 1644, Islay put a series of illicit stills in place so they could continue production. Still, the first time an exciseman set foot on Islay wasn’t until 1797. Why? Because the natives of Islay were thought to be "wild barberious people." 

4) Along with smoky Spirits, smoked cocktails are a hot (literally) trend at bars. There are two ways to add smoke to a drink: either by infusing it with smoke, or by using a smoky ingredient. Some popular methods include smoking ice or using a smoking gun. 

5) Whiskey Del Bac Mesquite Smoked Dorado is a smooth, wonderful expression. A mesquite wood smoke was used to toast the malted barley in order to bring a unique Arizona style to the classic Scottish Whisky technique. 

6) Although a smoky Spirit can certainly stand on its own, it can also work well in a cocktail. In fact, bartenders love to play with Mezcal’s full-bodied flavor and smoky notes in classic cocktails like a Smoky Old-Fashioned. Go try a twist on an old favorite today!

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Dog Dogson
Dog Dogson's
Tennessee Whiskey closely parallels Bourbon, but final filtering through sugar-maple charcoal (called the Lincoln County Process) is what some producers say differentiates them. Tennessee Whiskey’s finish is sweeter and smoother than Bourbon.

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Ratings & Reviews
Member Reviews and Ratings of Up In Smoke Vol.2
Loved the smoke flavor of all 3. I thought it really mellowed the scotch which as a Bourbon drinker I liked. Interestingly enough I thought the bourbon was a little harsh. Mixed it into an old fashioned and really liked that. Really liked the mezcal!
I’m more of bourbon drinker and haven’t hardly tried Scotch but the Scotch was my favorite of the 3. The Mezcal was fine but I prefer an extra anjeo tequila. The bourbon was a bit harsh with too much black tea and caramel.
Nice selection. Favorite was the scotch but the mesquite smoked was also really good.
It was a great variety of spirits. Each had elements I liked about one more than the other. Definitely buying a bottle of the madre mezcal.
A very good 'Smokeshow!'
Scotch and whiskey were good. Tequila on the other hand just had a very lingering after taste. Not my favorite.
That’s a good tasting box. All three were unique and good in their own way. None of them were super overpowering with smoke, but it was definitely there.
1. Madre Mezcal: My new favorite. Heavy on a vegetal, agave flavor, and the smoke is mellowed on the bottom end. A little bit of salt & sweet for balance. 2. Whiskey Del Bac: Reminds me of something between a Highland and a Speyside Scotch. Smoke more in flavor than on the nose, and surprisingly subtle. A little floral & tea, too. Not as sweet as a Highland. 3. Bank Note: I actually like a good blended Scotch, and this is a good blended Scotch. More smoke/peat here, but a nice, rounded bottom end. Vanilla for sweetness, some spice (heat), and some kind of nut.
Good flavor
The Del Bac was pretty good, lightly smokey and very drinkable. The Madre Mezcal was too green tasking for my mezcal palate. The Bank Note was much better than I thought it would be. Nice peated flavor, very drinkable straight and with ice.
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