Liquid Gold

Liquid Gold

The Flavour Roller coaster!

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Ciao! Bonjour! Hello! Yellow! Gold!

As you now already know, we are always in search for a perfect dram. It's like the gold rush, we are running from place to place, we are digging, sniffing, sipping, licking… only this time the gold is in liquid form. 

A long journey awaits us this month. We'll start in Italy, move to Scotland and finish it in Guyana. We know some excellent drams are waiting for us, but only Tasting Is Believing. Whoohoo! And that’s exciting! 

When we started putting together this edition, the working title of the box was The Flavour Rollercoaster. The idea behind it was to show you the range of flavours you can experience sipping brown spirits. But then, while selecting the drinks, another layer revealed itself – small but interesting stories of the people behind the brands and products. 

So, what do we cover in this Tasting Box? One grape based spirits, one grain based spirit and one made from molasses – all top of the range

This will be a really nice but extravagant trip and the route we've chosen is also the most appropriate 'flavour-wise’. 

SmartAss ‘Let’s-Cover-Some-Basics-Cuvée-Edition’ Corner

1) Grappa is grape-based pomace brandy of Italian origin. Fermentation and distillation must occur on the pomace (“the leftovers” of winemaking), no added water is allowed.

2) Rum is made by distilling fermented sugar and water. Sugar comes from the sugar cane and is fermented from molasses, cane juice, or cane syrup. The distillate, a clear liquid, is then usually aged in oak barrels.

3) Single malt Scotch Whisky is made in Scotland using a pot still distillation process at a single distillery, with malted barley as the only grain ingredient. It must be matured in oak casks in Scotland for at least three years (most single malts are matured longer).


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Flavor Spiral™

About The Flavor Spiral

The Flavor Spiral™ is a quick, clear and visually-appealing way to look at the drink's flavor DNA.

It's tasting notes reinvented. The Flavor Spiral™ is a unique and revolutionary way of describing flavors. It was developed by Flaviar tasting panel, industry experts, and You, our dear Flaviar community member.

Your favourite drinks like never before. It could easily be an art form, but that's a conversation for another day.
Dog Dogson
Dog Dogson's
Grappa is grape-based pomace Brandy of Italian origin. Fermentation and distillation must occur on the pomace (“the leftovers” of winemaking); no added water is allowed.

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Member Reviews and Ratings of Liquid Gold
A few classics from around the globe!
Each an exquisite sampling of their spirit type. Love the refined textures in each... expecting as much from the Scotch and Rum. Pleasantly surprised by the smoothness of the Grappa (each their own re: the comment about turp). Flavors and palates are always a diverse and subjective game - interesting to see such disparity here. Experiment on!
The trauma suffered by my palate from this tasting box will take many drams to recover from. If I wanted turpentine in a vial I would’ve gone to the hardware store instead of trying the Grappa. The other two were so disappointing I had to erase their names from my memory. This tasting box makes me want to cancel my subscription.
Was a great box, however just didn’t appeal to my palate as much as I wanted it to. I killed the rum quite quickly very good.
The scotch was awesome, the rum delicious and smooth, and the grappa quite interesting and not at all unpleasant in my opinion, which I was a little concerned about based on some of these reviews. Go for it if you're on the fence.
I enjoyed liquid gold very much. Especially liked Jacobo Poli, it had a very unique taste. I was sad when the dram was empty. I will definitely put that on my WIP program. (Work In Progress) and order a bottle. Thanks
Best rum I’ve ever had, all Dalmore is always awesome, but the grappa was hard to stomach... If it wasn’t a $15+ sample I would have dumped that one on the ground after the first sniff.
The El Dorado and Dalmore are great
Crazy mixture. Good whiskey, overdone rum and superb grapoa.
The whisky and rum were pretty good, the grappa was awful.
Smooth. Full flavor.
I didn't care for the welcome box as I'm not a bourbon fan.
Not too shabby.
Enjoyed the literature explaining the liquor and the taste of each sample.
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