Liquid Gold Vol.2

Liquid Gold Vol.2

The Flavor Roller coaster!

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The wonderful universe of Spirits is so diverse and exciting, one lifetime is barely enough to experience them all (and keep a working liver). This Tasting Box focuses on the fiesta-time realm of Rum, elegant world of Brandy, and no-nonsense landscape of Irish Whiskey.

The first Filipino sipping Rum, Don Papa Small Batch, is a premium and pristine Spirit with rich and tropical profile; Copper & Kings American Craft Brandy is a badass Kentucky Brandy for Whiskey lovers; and Jack Ryan, is a one of a kind Irish Whiskey.

Each Spirit is an epitome of its genre, wildly different from the other two, but with one common feature: striving for excellence and quality. If this is your first contact with Rum, Brandy or Irish Whiskey, there are no better ushers out there.

Don’t waste your time on second-grade booze. Cheers!

Smartass Corner:

1) American Brandy was produced way before Bourbon was even possible. Laird’s, the oldest family-owned distillery in America, was founded in 1717, and they’ve been producing Brandy ever since.

2) Jack Ryan ‘Beggars Bush’ Single Malt Irish Whiskey was named after Ireland’s Ryan family, a distinguished line of Whiskey producers known for making Ryan’s Malt. To celebrate the Ryan's 100th year anniversary in 2013, the family decided to revive their Jack Ryan's Malt Whiskey with a 1,450-bottle-strong limited production.

3) Don Papa’s Rum is a global collab: the bottle is French, the cork Portuguese, the label Italian, and the Spirit itself Filipino. The award-winning brand design was created in New York by Stranger & Stranger.

4) Brandy was invented in the 16th century by a sneaky Dutch merchant who learned how to remove water from Wine and save cargo space. He then added water again and called it "Bradwijn," which means "burned wine".

5) Rum used to be known as a cheap drink in the Philippines, but when Stephen Carroll, ex-exec of Remy Cointreau, visited the country and realized they have the best sugarcane around, he set up show there in 2011 and started producing premium sipping Rum, basically reinventing the brand of Filipino Rum.

6) Whiskey was invented by Irish monks in the 12th century, when they realized the imported perfumes give you a nice buzz. They reverse-engineered Chanel No.1 and created uisce beatha – water of life.

7) American Brandy was first distilled by the Spanish missions in California. Since the grape grows there, the Golden State is still the main producer. By law, American Brandy has to be matured in wood for at least two years.

8) The Royal Navy gave its sailors a daily ration of Rum (also known as "tot") from 1850 to 1970 to prevent scurvy. Rum itself didn't actually scare away the condition - it was lime that was added to the ration. Government-issued tipple ended when the Navy realized soaking the buccaneers in alcohol wasn't the safest idea.

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Dog Dogson
Dog Dogson's
Brandies can help digestion, so they are perfect after meals. They were and are still are considered medicine.

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Ratings & Reviews
Member Reviews and Ratings of Liquid Gold Vol.2
Each of the items was very good, the rum a 9, the brandy (she’s a fine girl) an 8 and the whiskey a 7.5
We really enjoyed the Irish Whiskey more than we thought. This is great because it’s not something we would have ordered on our own. Definitely will be looking into purchasing a bottle. The Don Papa rum was also exceptional and very smooth.
Such drastic differences in flavor that I was not expecting. Don Papa really shocked me with the aroma and taste to match. The copper king brandy was probably my favorite. Just enough sweetness yet had all my favorite characteristics I look for in spirits.
My favorite was the rumble
All three made me warm inside. I knew I'd like the rum, but the brandy and Irish whisky were a surprise.
I particularly loved the Don Papa rum. Exquisite!
I love the Don Papa rum. The Jack Ryan is a very nice Irish whiskey. I did not care for the brandy.
A very good flight of spirits from around the globe! J.J. Corry 'The Battalion' Batch No. 2 Irish Whiskey (shown in picture) Jack Ryan Beggars Bush 12 Year Old Single Malt Irish Whiskey (shown in link) was substituted with: J.J. Corry 'The Gael' Batch No. 1 Irish Whiskey
Great! All three were awesome
The rum was fruitier than expected but excellent. The brandy was good. The Irish has a strong burn. Was not a fan of that one.
I thought overall the box was good. Some were better than others but happy with the flavors
The Don Papa Rum is excellent! Both whiskey drinkers loved it. The Irish Whiskey is average and we didnt care fir the brandy
This was my third Flaviar sampler and the first where I enjoyed all three samples. The Irish Whiskey and brandy were enjoyable, but the Don Papa... Wow. I had no idea I could enjoy rum that much. Highly recommend this sampler (and Don Papa obviously).
Great combination for a tasting. The Irish was bit too much for me but hubby liked it.
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