Flaviar Awards 2022

Flaviar Awards 2022

The Most Glamorous Spirits of 2021

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Character Goatson
  • caramel
  • dried cherry
  • peanut
  • orange zest
  • roasted hazelnuts
  • herbs

The Most Glamorous Spirits of 2021

Flaviar Awards is celebrating its 10th edition!

For a decade, the Awards have been the Club’s most anticipated, and most celebrated moment. The moment Flaviar’s collective palate of Spirits aficionados from all over the world helps us isolate and expose the most luxurious expressions of the previous year. And unlike the still everpresent Coronavirus, the award-winning Spirits mutations throughout the years have been undoubtedly more enjoyable. 

Like every year, The Flaviar Awards variant X is based on a particular approval cocktail of our Member’s ratings and reviews, informed staff picks, sales numbers, and wishlist information

While beauty is most certainly in the eye of the beholder (or in this case, on the nose and on the palate), the Flaviar world unanimously united on five swanky expressions that left their biggest mark in 2021.

From an up-and-coming Danish Whisky to a classic triple-matured Irish Single Malt, these are the red carpet drams totally deserving of a spotlight in your home bar:


Stauning Kaos Danish Whisky: A chic controlled-chaos blend of fine Danish Single Malt, peated Single Malt, and malted Rye Whiskies.

Brugal 1888 Rum: A fabulous Rum for Whisky lovers. This dry and refined blend features Rums aged from 5 to 14 years in American white oak casks, and finished matured in first-fill Sherry oak casks. 

Yellowstone Select Bourbon: A stylishly rich and flavorful blend of four sourced Kentucky Bourbons from the legendary Beam family.

The GlenAllachie 15 Year Old Single Malt: A meticulously perfected jewel of a Scotch Whisky in the Speyside style and finished in a combination of Pedro Ximénez and Oloroso Sherry puncheons and hogsheads.

Bushmills 16 Year Old Single Malt: A timeless classic Single Malt triple-matured in American Bourbon barrels, Spanish Oloroso Sherry butts, and Port pipes.


Denmark, Dominical Republic, United States, Scotland, Ireland—a true international jet set of celebrity Spirits, indeed. Enjoy the samples inside the Tasting Box, and go for the full bottles when you’re ready to put on the ritz at home.


Smartass Corner:

1) In 2021, our huge community submitted over 110k bottle ratings and over 43k bottle reviews. And that’s how you know what you’re getting yourself into when you shop at Flaviar.

2) To make sure,”The Rona” doesn’t stifle our Member’s Spirit-tasting shape, we conducted over 70 virtual events and tasting sessions they could enjoy from the comfort (and safety) of their homes.

3) If all the tasting vials we have shipped so far were placed in a line, they’d cover the distance between London and Paris. Now, that’s what we call a “well-travelled palate”.

4) The Bushmills Distillery claims to beand is almost unanimously considered to bethe oldest licensed distillery in the world. In 2008 Bushmills celebrated the 400th anniversary of the original license to distill Whiskey granted to the Bushmills area in 1608.

5) The original Yellowstone Whiskey was distilled in a log-still. It was basically a hollowed-out log filled with a copper pipe that was used for primary distillation.

6) Brugal 1888 Rum is distilled for dryness - Brugal’s distillation removes many of the heavy alcohols that give other Rums their sweetness.

7) Stauning sits on the West Coast of Denmark facing the North Sea. If you sailed a boat directly west from there you would sail directly into the Firth of Forth with Edinburgh on your left. When it comes to climate, Stauning has more in common with the Highlands of Scotland than Copenhagen. 

8) The guys at the independently owned GlenAllachie Distillery like to take their time perfecting their Whisky. With a longer fermentation of 160 hours, it gives them the time to discover the character of the new make Spirit.

9) Scotland is home to more than 20 million casks of maturing Whisky. That’s four for every person living in there. Nuts!

What's in the box

  • 1 Irish Whiskey
  • 1 Bourbon
  • 1 Scotch
  • 1 World Whisk(e)y
  • 1 Dark Rum
  • apple
  • pear
  • banana
  • sherry
  • almond
  • toasted
  • honey
  • pralines
  • woody
Bushmills Irish Whiskey
  • caramel
  • dried cherry
  • peanut
  • orange zest
  • herbs
  • roasted hazelnuts
  • bread
  • roasted
  • rye
Yellowstone Bourbon
  • raisin
  • dates
  • butterscotch
  • ginger
  • banana
  • orange peel
  • walnuts
  • dark chocolate
  • coffee
The GlenAllachie Scotch
  • cereal
  • cocoa
  • maple
  • smoky
  • floral
  • molasses
  • orange
  • toffee
  • oak
Stauning Whisky World Whisk(e)y
  • vanilla
  • spicy
  • fruit
  • chocolate
  • roasted
  • toffee
  • caramel
  • woody
  • liquorice
Brugal Dark Rum
The Flaviar tasting box
Dog Dogson's Smartass corner
Character Dogson
William Delmé-Evans built the distillery. He also built the Isle of Jura, and Tullibardine Distilleries.

Yellowstone Bourbon has had several owners throughout its history, including J.B. Dant, D.H. Taylor, The Glenmore Distillery, United Distillers & Vintners, the David Sherman Company, Heaven Hill, and David Sherman (now known as Luxco).

To be a Brugal master blender you must be part of the Brugal family.

Limestone Branch Distillery, which produces Yellowstone Bourbon, also makes Minor Case Bourbon and Bowling & Burch Gin.

In 2008, the bank of Ireland issued a new series of Sterling banknotes with the Old Bushmills Distillery illustration on one side.
Danish malted rye didn’t exist before Stauning started making it.
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