Sagamore Spirit DistillerySagamore Spirit Distillery

Founded in 2015
In the early 1800s, Maryland farmers treasured rye for its fibrous and sturdy nature, which kept soil healthy and protected the land from erosion. It also made a great quality Whiskey.

Sagamore Spirit celebrates the history of Maryland’s great distillers and is committed to inspiring a global passion for Maryland Rye whiskey.
Sagamore is unique in both its mash bill and proofing process. Each spirit is a blend of two different mash bills  – a high rye and a low rye – and then proofed with spring-fed water from the Sagamore Farm Spring House.
Fed from a limestone aquifer, this pure and naturally filtered water is crisp and calcium-rich – perfect for making Maryland-Style Rye whiskey.

The 22,000-square-foot distillery boasts nine 6,500-gallon fermenters, an 8,000-gallon Beer well, a 6,000-gallon mash cooker as well as a 24-inch column still from Vendome and a 250-gallon pot still.
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    United States
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    301 E Cromwell St, Baltimore, MD 21230
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    (410) 624-7488
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Dog Dogson
Dog Dogson's
The brand is named after a thoroughbred horse racing farm, Sagamore Farm, 22 miles from the Sagamore distillery.
Video from Sagamore Spirit Distillery
Video transcription
Maryland was the leader of Rye Whiskey, and it was synonymous with superior quality. We had at least 44 distilleries in 1910, close to 21 in downtown Baltimore area, and then to help support the war efforts, switched over a lot of distilleries to create ethanol, and then that gave Kentucky the opportunity, to come in and seal the show, but we're here to take it back, and we're going to put Maryland back on the map
Almost four years ago, exactly today, I got the phone call to sell everything I own, and move out here, and start this, so we've finally got a home. Let's go ahead and get to work, start moving.
Getting the distillery off the ground, it's been a long time, we're working really hard and everybody's got a job to do, and everybody knows it.
Distilleries don't come with directions, and so the team's really determined, and committed, almost gaining momentum actually as we get closer to the deadline.
We want to show people, what we've accomplished here, and get them really excited about Sagamore Spirit. You want to make sure that, yes, it smells like grain, it smells good. 
We knew we wanted to build a world-class distillery. We have a 40-foot mirrored finished copper column still, it's the only one like it in the world. We have nine fermenting tanks, that are each sixty-five hundred gallons a piece. We want to make really good Whiskey here.
You know a 500 gallon pot still - they produce one barrel a day. This facility will produce approximately thirteen to fourteen barrels per shift.
Water is absolutely the key ingredient to great Whiskey, and Sagamore farm was built on the shelf of limestone, some of the highest quality water in the Mid Atlantic region, and so we think it's worth driving 22 miles, and use it, to improve every single bottle with the spring water from the farm.
This is truly our first barrel Phil Everett Sagamore Spirit, so are we ready? 
So it's taken four years, to get the distillery off the ground. It'll take another four years or more to age the Whiskey to a perfect quality. That kind of commitment, that kind of investment, we wouldn't do, unless we really believed in the city of Baltimore, and the state of Maryland.
It'll be an extremely exciting moment when we dump that first barrel, distilled in Maryland all the way through.
It's almost a dream, all of that hard work, all that patience, all that passion - it's going to be a really special feeling.
We'll see in four years, buddy.

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