Royal Canadian

Royal Canadian is another Canadian Whisky from Sazerac and is designed for the mid-tier price point. This implies that it’s quality is targeted to the daily cocktail mixer and occasional “on the rocks” and “with a splash” sipper.

And to that point it hits the mark fairly well. The brand has been picking up steam in the US market over the last few years as a replacement/alternative to Pernod Richard’s Canadian Club. 

It appears that Sazerac’s master blender Drew Mayville — formerly of Seagram’s — has had a hand in targeting this dram to do just that. Again, this is a straight-forward example of Canadian Whisky and the flavor profile proves it.

Like almost all Whiskies in this category and price point, there are a few rough edges and alcohol aromas, but just a twist of lemon will smooth things out.
Royal Canadian Flavor Spiraltm
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