Roseisle DistilleryRoseisle Distillery

Founded in 2010
The Roseisle area is home to woodland walks, miles of sand and the remnants of wartime defences along Scotlands northern shore. Hidden away from the tourist trails, this new operation from Diageo points towards a gleaming, mechanized future of malt production with nair a hint of Victorian ornamentation on its structures.

The first spirit ran in 2009 from Roseisle's stills. It has operated consistently since. It's not uncommon for a distillery to produce multiple styles of Whisky. Rarer, perhaps, for one to be designed expressly for such a purpose.

Roseisle has seven pairs of stills, six of which can switch between stainless or copper shells and condenser. To produce a light, vegetal make, a long fermentation can run in excess of 90 hours.

At the same time a heavy spirit can be produced elsewhere, by shortening mashing and fermentation regimes. The versatility of the equipment lined up at Roseisle, will allow Diageo to produce a variety of expressions at any given time.

Distillery Details

  • Country
    United Kingdom, Scotland
  • Region
  • Established
  • Owner
  • Type
    Blended Whisky
  • Number of stills
  • Visitor Center
  • Status
  • Address
    Diageo Roseisle Distillery Elgin, Moray IV30 5YP United Kingdom
  • Phone
    +44 1343 832 100
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Glens a plenty, history in abundance - that's Speyside.

The most densely populated Whisky region in the world sits in a fertile valley of rivers and glens. Home to over half of Scotland’s distilleries, malts from these fifty or so Speyside distilleries are hard to summarize, as there's a lot of flavour variety.

One thing we can say is that they're known for being frugal with peat and lavish with nutty fruit flavours. Apple, pear, honey, vanilla and spice all have a part to play in the Speyside Whiskies. Speyside Whisky also knows its way around a Sherry cask.
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