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Roots Rakomelo
To my taste, extraordinary! Taste of Herbs, Honey and Cinnamon. Highly recommend.
Roots Rakomelo
Love the taste, warm or mixed with soda water
Roots Mastic
Bought some in Athens for the first time. Really lovely, looking for more!
Roots Rakomelo
Unbelievable flavor meat or mixed with ginger ale.
Roots Rakomelo
Excellent, natural honey & cinnamon
Roots Rakomelo
This was not what I expected. #1 I failed to notice the alcohol content before I bought and so was a little disappointed it was only 24% (I like stronger liqueurs). #2, I had never tasted raki, so I didn't know what to expect, but I'd hoped it would be something sweet and herbal, but it is a very unique taste, and I think you either like it or you don't. Unfortunately, it's not for me.
Roots Rakomelo
Tastes just as described. Definitely a very unique and strong flavor. Personally, I like it over ice. Nice winter dessert supper.
Roots Rakomelo
I'll give it a 9 so as not to hurt its rating. It sounds as if this is a great example of Rakomelo; but, although Rakomela sounded interesting, it's just is NOT for me. It is a STRONG taste. You'd be well served to have tried a wee dram before investing in a bottle.