Ron Colón Salvadoreño Dark Aged Rum

Ron Colón Salvadoreño Dark Aged Rum

(0.75l, 55.5%)

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A delicious blended Rum that radiates the pride of El Salvador.

In 2018, Thurman Wise and Pepijn Janssens traveled across the America's touching sixteen countries in just twenty-two days. In the middle of that journey, something about the tiny Central American country of El Salvador stayed with them — the people, the local Rums, the fine coffee plantations, the simple life and faith inspired them. They have created Ron Colón Salvadoreño Rums to bring that inspiration to life.

Ron Colón Salvadoreño Aged Rum is the core Spirit used at Ron Colón. Not only is it the base for their coffee-infused Rum, they sell it as is — a premium aged Rum blend of fine molasses Rums. That blend is comprised of 70% six year-old column-stilled Rum produced by the Licorera Cihuatán Distillery in El Salvador, 15% Jamaican pot-stilled three year-old, and 15% un-aged pot stilled. This lovely, Spanish-style dram won the 2020 Gold medal at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition and is bottled at a near cask strength of 55.5% ABV.

Smartass Corner:
The word "Colón" has nuanced meaning in El Salvador. It can refer to Columbus and is the unit of currency.
  • Category
  • Style
    Dark Rum
  • Region
    Central America
  • Country
    El Salvador
  • Alcohol
  • Distillery
    Licorera Cihuatán Distillery

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Common Rum classifications: White, Golden or Amber, Dark, Spiced, Añejo and Age-Dated Rums.

Tasting Notes

Appearance / Color
Warm Amber

Nose / Aroma / Smell
On the nose you will find notes of exotic fruits from banana to pineapple over a rich note of marzipan, walnut bread, and wood spices.

Flavor / Taste / Palate
The flavor profile is full-bodied and rich, building on the aromas with more tropical fruits, a nice chocolatey note, roasted almonds, and vanilla.

The finish is long and smooth for such a high ABV.

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Ratings & Reviews
If you like high proof dark rum this one's for you. Great nose, excellent taste (if you like Black Strap Rum), and a nice lingering finish. Great on the rocks for those who like their run neat, and fantastic in any cocktail that calls for dark rum. I'd give it two thumbs up but I have one hand full with a couple fingers of rum on the rocks.
This rum unfortunately was a disappointment for me. It is definitely high proof, and I am new to this category of trying some rums neat. This one for me was very high in alcohol content, but almost tasted somewhat "chemical" and bitter. There was some tropical fruits coming through, but not in a sweet manner. Perhaps this is a better mixing rum, but not what I expected for a $40 bottle. I will continue to try but this one left me disappointed. I've had much tastier bottles as part of the rum tasting boxes.
Strong!!! That being said the flavors are not overwhelmed. I tasted brown sugar notes and honey. Not as hot as I would have guessed reading the label
I did not care for this rum. Scent did not catch my attention. Sipping flavor was bitter and mixing with Diet Coke did not help it. I would not purchase this rum.
This was a unique experience. I completely understand why some don’t enjoy. But here is some added perspective. I tasted this with my father, who was raised near a sugar cane farm, and his first job was in a sugar factory, all in Jamaica. He knows Jamaican rum and enjoyed the molasses notes. From his perspective it had a rich flavor and he could taste past the boseyness, and it was strong. I will use this to add a unique kick to my next batch of rum punch at a party. Probably wont drink much alone. Interesting.
Developed af! But was missing some of that rummy like notes
I actually love this Rum. As a bartender it allows me to create great concoctions. And as a Jamaican Rum geek, even if most of its volume is from El Salvador, its high proof allows the typical Jamaican flavours and esters to be carried beautifully. It transports me right back to the island. I personally drink it neat, but my guests love it in a daiquiri!
The worse booze ever awful not even the drunk liked it
I gave this 7 stars, but I’d actually give this 7.5. I liked this quite a bit...smooth on the front end, spicy on the back end. Smoother than the ABV would make you believe. I would not call this a dark rum. Aged-sure, but dark, no. This rum is barely amber. Not sure why it’s listed as dark.
Tasted like plastic.
Tastes more like single malt whiskey. Really not my kind of rum. So disappointed
I was looking forward to trying this. Disliked the taste and I couldn't quite place it until I read the words "chemical taste" in other reviews. Yeah, that's it exactly. I also tried it with a little Coke and that was equally unfortunate. This was my free quarterly bottle, so on one hand I didn't waste my money. On the other hand, I wasted a free quarterly choice on 750 ml that will leave with the first visitor to the house that likes it. Disappointed in the bottle, but that's one reason I joined Flaviar was to experiment and try different things.
Good nice Taste
Different. Funky. Not great but definitely not bad.
Very confusing for me. I liked some of the fruit flavors that came through, but couldn't really get past the funky chemical taste. Thought I would give it a try with some Coke so the bottle didn't go to waste. That was a horrible idea. All of the good flavors vanished, and only the chemical funk remained.
I wanted to love this for several reasons including it using Central American sugar cane, but I didn’t. I’m apparently the only person that got a lot of (artificial?) blackberry jam flavors. Maybe it’s that or perhaps this combined with the overproofing means that it didn’t lend itself to sipping for me. I leaned into it and put it into a blackberry mojito and would use it in mixed drinks in the future.
Can’t get through the strong alcohol taste.
Personally, I love it. The subtly sweet aroma, the light and lasting taste and the overall flavor profile is perfect for sipping. I wouldn't dare try mixing it for cocktails!
As a child of salvadorian refugees, I gave it a 5/10 simply because I have never heard of it, hence it is my first time trying it. Once I received the bottle in the mail, I had to read the label to see if the rum was authentic. Turns out it not authentic and imported from the Netherlands. Once I cracked the bottle open, I poured just a bit to try it neat. It is NOT a bad rum, but may go well with mixed drinks. I was glad I got to try it.
Great mixer, fun to juice up the proof on your tiki drinks. Not a great sipping rum.
Not bad, but not something I'd buy with my own money. Glad I got to taste it. Good for cocktails.
This was very disappointing. A strong medicinal/chemical taste made it unpalatable as a sipping rum and was pervasive even with mixers. I used about half the bottle and then gave it away.
Not much to say, still like Caribbean rum better!
Like it, not my favorite rum, but Good
Undrinkable. The distiller should seek alternate employment, perhaps as a taxidermist.
Like old perfume
Interesting high proof rum. Good for mixing, not so great for sipping. All-in-all good to have on the shelf.
Its super strong. Kinda numbs the throat. Taste isnt bad but it personally taste like old perfume
Lil bit high proof for me. Too much of a woody finish for me. Have to use in cocktails with lots of ice.
Really good for cocktails. Over proof is a bit strong for sipping.
Had to much of an after taste and dis not mix well with others
This was very unappealing as a stand-alone drink. Chemical flavors that didn’t appeal at all. I would only use it as a mixer.
Straight up fire water. Not bad in a mixed drink, but not something to drink over ice. Better than some other high test rum, but not what I ordered, and that soured me on it from the get go.
The overproof makes it too strong for sipping, for sure. I felt it was too much alcohol to really enjoy the flavor. Frankly, would not recommend this rum given the infinite number of other options out there.
If you ever need a stiff drink this is a go too. Definitely need to add a splash of water.. a lot of Jamaican funk.. which grows on you throughout the tasting. Or maybe that’s because your taste buds are numbed by the middle part..
This has a lot of flavor to it, but I feel like the overproof makes it a little too strong to just be a sipping rum. It's good in a mix but can be overpowering if you don't have a proper portion.
The nose is strong in citrus fruit and pineapple but has a definite "funk" to it, very reminiscent of Jamaican rums like Hampden Estate. I enjoy those rums once they've been blended with others, as they have here. It's a very polarizing flavor, as you can see from other users' comments. I did expect a darker color - this is straw-colored, not what most would refer to as "dark aged rum." It is hot drinking neat, but less than I anticipated at 111 proof. It is very drinkable and pleasant without water. Adding even a little water did not help the spirit at all; the citrus and fruit notes started taking a back seat to the Jamaican funk, and the taste quickly got lost. Despite being overproof, the flavors are not that strong. The nice aroma holds up well in a cocktail, however, which is probably how I'll wind up finishing most of this bottle, with the occasional sip neat.
Someone mentioned fuel oil, I would say more like heavy disinfectant, chemical taste. Either way not very enjoyable. Under the offensive taste I could see where this might be a good rum, disappointing.
It was an ok flavor but even mixing it with coke, it was very overpowering due to the 111 proof, even compared to other high proof liquors. Consumer beware.
It's strong, but has good fruity flavor.
Shot hot.. wow.. I'm scared to pick up the bottle. No offense to the maker.
When chilled to freezing and added to a glass of near freezing Mexican Coca-Cola this rum is drinkable. I have not found another way that I do not object to the harsh flavors. I suppose anything with enough sugar in it would make this passable.
Definitely pick up on the tropical fruit, which I assume is from the Jamaican in the blend. Very smooth for such a high ABV. Had on the rocks and in a Hurricane, in which the Hurricane made the pineapple more prominent.
It's not really super dark rum, Totally surprised with the very fruity pineapple and banana notes.. Super smooth for the strength, a few of these neat would probably make you forget your name... Regardless of that it's perfect for a Pinacolada.. The kind that is strong and not watery ... Delicious rum.
It doesn’t taste like it’s over proof, so that’s a nice plus. Packs a punch of citrus and mango along with modest esters and a naturally rum-sweet finish. Not quite mellow enough to sip more than a small amount, and personally I find it difficult to mix anything with esters, so this one is a bit in no-man’s land for me. I can see some folks liking it; certainly not bad, and unique enough to try once.
This rum did not meet my expectations. It had a flavor of fuel oil. I do not recommend.
This rum was amazing. One of the best I ever had.
I found it a little too sweet for my taste but it was smoot. Iused it in my rum cakes!!
Looks like you either like it or hate it. I am in the first group. Interesting flavor and easy to drink with fruity flavors and nice aroma... I will buy it again...
This is horrid stuff. Only the Geico raccoon ,that couldn't get the taste of mango chutney and burnt hair out of its mouth, could drink drink this stuff! Very unpleasant aroma that assaults your nose before you get the rum past your lips which may be most of the problem. If you want a nice sipping rum, look elsewhere.
The banana completely overwhelmed any other aromas or flavors. I will need to regift this to someone who loves bananas or drop it off at an unsuspecting party of already drunk people. There is no way I will be able to finish this pour, let alone the entire bottle.
Really good product. I was surprised by how smooth it was considering the high proof. The flavor is strong but delicious. If you're into Jamaican rum, this is for you. If not Ron Colon is a nice introduction to it. Mixed really well and cocktail night was a success! We made daiquiris and dark and stormys, definitely recommend!
Great blend of Salvadorian and Jamaican rum, smooth and full with flavours, try it with tonic or with yuzu soda. 👌
Loved it. Not very harsh even with the high ABG, smooth, funky - crisp. Works as a sipping rum and made one of the best old school daiquiris I've tried. Will buy again. They have a coffee version too which as a cocktail fan is a very fun tool. Recommend that one too!
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