Rhum J.M

Rhum JM was founded in 1845, and is located in Le Macouba at the base of Mount Pelee, an active volcano on the northernmost tip of Martinique.

In 1914, Gustave Crassous de Médeuil bought the J.M Distillery from the family of Jean-Marie Martin. Rhum J.M draws on a unique terroir for its estate-grown sugarcane.

The intense tropical heat and humidity of the island plus the rich volcanic soil surrounding Rhum J.M create a unique microclimate that yields high-quality sugarcane, and this is reflected in their Agricole Rhums.

The sugarcane used in production is grown locally and crushed to release the juice with twenty-four hours of harvesting.

The fermented cane juice is distilled through their creole column, a relatively low-rectification, continuous distillation system that results in a characterful 72% ABV distillate.

This resultant Spirit is rested and then either bottled in its ‘blanc’ unaged form or laid down for aging in carefully prepared re-charred oak barrels.

The company prides itself on its aged stock which is predominantly rested in French oak but also uses previously seasoned casks such as Cognac, Armagnac, and Calvados.

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Rhum J.M