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Borough Bourbon Batch 3
Very smooth. Immediate hints of vanilla and cinnamon with a sweetness to it.
Borough Bourbon Batch 2
Very nice and unexpected. I tried this with two cubes and, although strong at first, it mellowed nicely enough for me to whip out a cigar!
Borough Bourbon Batch 2
Interestingly enough my husband really enjoyed it. He was skeptical at first, but just as I was pleasantly surprised. it's got a good nosing. easy to feel the flavors that its packing. The taste was smooth and full of caramel and taste of fruitiness to it. The finish was just right for me, no harsh bite, easy as it goes down and a hint of maple.
Borough Bourbon Batch 2
This was one bourbon where the flavor spiral and I were on different planets. I did not like this one at all and did not get all the sweet notes. definitely can tell how it was aged. Gave it to a friend who had it on the rocks.