Italy Founded in 2015
Raritas Juniper is a product of the Roner Distillery. In 1946, Gottfried Roner set up a tiny still in his family home in Italy to make Grappa. 80 years later they are producing a full range of Spirits, Grappas, and fruit Liqueurs.

The Raritas line of Spirits from Roner includes their fruit Liqueurs and Gins. Raritas Juniper was introduced in 2015. Raritas is not a neutral grain based Gin — the base Spirit is crafted from local Italian grapes.

This yields a lighter, smoother, Gin, and warmth without pepper heat. Aged for 3 months, the Gin features a natural light golden hue and gentle vanilla notes.
Raritas Flavor Spiraltm
  • vanilla
  • juniper
  • fruit
  • citrus zest
  • grape
  • orange
  • pepper
  • grain
  • blueberry
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Roner Distillery
Although there’s no visitors center as such, it is possible to book group tours of the Roner Distillery, followed by a tasting.


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Roner is an Italian, family-run distillery located in the Bolzano province in the North of the country. Roner makes fruit Spirits, Grappa and other Liqueurs. It was 1946 when Gottfried Roner set up his first still in his family home.

Passionate about the local fruits, he began distilling fruit Liqueurs such as Juniper and Blueberry, which are still produced to this day. In the 1960s, Gottfried’s sons took over the business, expanding rapidly and opening a new distillery where it still stands today.

In 1990, the company bought a small Winery to add to its portfolio. The Roner philosophy is to preserve tradition, while working with new technologies and innovations to improve the quality of its spirits.

The Roner Distillery is the proud owner of a number of stills; the wide product range means that distillation is ‘always on’, but with different methods used for different products, and only the freshest fruit and botanicals are used.
Distillery info:
  • Country Italy
  • Established 1946
  • Owner Independent
  • Status Active
  • Address Roner SpA Distillerie, Via Josef-von-Zallinger 44, 39040 Termeno (BZ), Italy
  • Phone +39 0471 864 000
  • Websitehttp://www.roner.com/en/
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A transcript for non-audio situations [music]

South of the Alps in the north of Italy, we find an inimitable mountain world of forests and pastures, rural villages, and small towns. South Tyrol is this land, where the advantages of a mountain landscape match the benefits of a mild climate. It is a land of unique contrasts. Up above glisten the snow-capped peaks of the Dolomites. While in the sunny valleys, the gentle, fertile hills create a Mediterranean zest for life.


There is also a long tradition of distilled beverages in South Tyrol. Fine fruit distillates and Grappas are produced from typical local grape varieties and fruit. They combine the strengths of the spectacular surroundings with the aroma of the fruit into a single fine drop.

The fresh, fruity Williams distillates are a particular favorite with their taste of Williams Christ pears. Native berries and special fruits have also been used since time immemorial in the production of excellent distillates and fine fruit Liqueurs. South Tyrol has long been famed for its authentic Grappa types or Cuvees made from the mark of final local grape varieties. In the rest of Italy too, a fine distillate is the perfect complement to the spectacle of nature, offering the promise of many unforgettable moments.

In the village of Tremosine [SP], on the famous South Tyrolean wine route, can be found a special kind of traditional firm, the Roner family business. This is the third generation of the family to dedicate itself fully to the production of high-quality fruit distillates and Grappas. These distillers from South Tyrol have long held the Williams Christ pear in special esteem. Selected pears from the surrounding sunny valleys and slopes are used to produce the distillates, the only way to ensure they're consistently high-quality. Only hand-picked, carefully selected pears are used in the making of the Spirit. Harvesting the fruit is the high point of the year's work, but it simply marks the beginning of the distillery's meticulous processing operations.

The principle of distilling has remained the same for centuries. The process used to be popular among farmers. The mark of the grapes was heated in a boiler and made into Grappas using a still. The same process was used in the manufacture of fruit and herb distillates. Finally, drop by drop the distiller would wait impatiently for the results of a considerable amount of hard work.


The business, founded many years ago by Father Gottfried Roner, has been continued with a passion by his sons. Andreas has long been responsible mainly for the management side, while Gunter takes care solely of production matters. The mixture of experience, a cheerful pioneering attitude, and their untiring conviction have seen the enterprise flourish in a healthy and natural manner right in the midst of the green South Tyrolean vineyards and orchards. The latest generation is now also fully involved in the business. High-quality and transparency have always been the guiding principles.

Today, the enterprise combines Roner tradition and experience with modern technology and know-how. One-third of production is currently exported abroad. For important decisions, the new ideas of the younger family members complement the knowledge of the older generation, thus creating the successful Roner team. Karen Roner has in the meantime taken over the management role from her father, Andreas. This smooth transition will guarantee the continuous development and progress of the successful Roner name.

The success of a fruit distillate or Grappa depends not only on the high quality of the raw materials used, but also on the high art involved in the distilling process. From August to March, during the distilling season, the whole process is personally supervised and controlled by Gunter Roner. Roner uses stills from an outer casing. A low temperature is also important in distilling, as only in this way can the unmistakable aroma of the fruit be preserved. The optimum Alcohol concentration must also be carefully maintained. According to ancient tradition, distilling must be performed twice. Roner also makes a valuable contribution to the protection of the environment with its pollution-free steam boiler. The mark and fruit residues of the distillation process are thus converted into clean energy that also benefits the company's own production cycle.

The Roner house specialty is, as always, the famous William Spirit known for its unusual flavor, but above all, for the pear visible in the bottle. It is made from carefully selected Williams Christ pears, supplied straight from the tree. There is a limited production of Williams Reserve manufactured solely of selected pears from the sunniest South Tyrolean slopes. Like all types of fruit distillate, Williams Reserve is also carefully processed twice in the still. Only in this way will the highest quality be ensured so that the distillate acquires its intensive taste. Its purity and genuine aroma also make Williams the best selling fruit distillate on the market.

The family regularly tastes its own distillates to analyze every detail. Is the color correct? Does the taste seem right? Critical debate and exchanges of views also guarantee a serious, professional company approach. This is the proof of the genuine passion involved in the distilling process here.

A fine Spirit needs to be properly presented. Each year sees the introduction of elegant, sophisticated products that emphasize the high-quality standards of the Roner brand, whether in a hand blown bottle or with a cloth label, these creations are a treat for both the eye and the palate.

Roner is the connoisseur's choice, whether it is a noble Grappa or a fresh and natural Roner fruit Liqueur taken as an aperitif for a digestive, a glass of Roner always has an entrancing quality. [music]