Rams & Parrots American WhiskeyRams & Parrots American Whiskey

Founded in 1987
Friends for over 30 years, three childhood friends Rod, Regg and Will founded Rams & Parrots in the heart of West Baltimore. Inspired by an old family recipe “Holy Water” enjoyed by Rod’s family which was served as a special punch, called “Dot Dot’s Punch.”

Years later, the idea for Rams & Parrots was being conceived. And with the help of Jon, a master distiller, the group created their signature recipe, Ram’s & Parrots American Whiskey: a premium small batch Bourbon.

The idea for the name Ram’s & Parrots comes from the idea of poetic symbolism. The African Grey Parrot, is often recognized as one of the smartest animals in the world. And the Ram throughout history has represented determination, strength and leadership.

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