Raff Distillerie

United States
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Raff Distillerie Flavor Spiraltm
  • citrus
  • juniper
  • slightly bitter
  • pepper
  • spicy
  • lemon zest
  • coriander
  • cinnamon
  • zesty
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Raff Distillerie
Raff Distillerie is known for its unusually named products, including Bummer & Lazarus Gin, which is named after two stray dogs which roamed San Francisco in the 1800s, killing rodents. They were so successful that when Lazarus died, over 30,000 people attended the funeral.


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Located on Treasure Island in the heart of San Francisco Bay is the Raff Distillerie. Launched in 2011 by Master Distiller Carter Raff, the Distillery produces Absinthe, Gin, Rum and Vodka, all made in equipment which was hand-made from scratch by Raff himself.

Carter Raff, who has been distilling for 15 years and making Wine for 25, is a fifth generation San Franciscan, and so the history of his city is evident in everything he does – from the building of the hybrid still which can be transformed into a column still or an Alembic, right down to the naming and labels of his Spirits.
Distillery info:
  • Country United States
  • Established 2011
  • Owner Independent
  • Status Active
  • Address 1615 Innes Ave Unit C, San Francisco, CA 94124, United States
  • Phone +1 415-610-7486
  • Websitehttp://www.raffdistillerie.com/
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