Pusser's British Navy Yachting Decanter

Pusser's British Navy Yachting Decanter

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Reviving the Tot.

In the days now long past British Navy Sailors enjoyed a daily ration of Rum, also known as a Tot. The Rum was issued by the Purser, a ship's supply officer, who was called Pusser in slang by the Navy sailors, thus, the name Pusser's Rum, e.g. the Rum given out by the ship's supply officer.
The tradition of daily rations, which, prepared the sailors for a face-off AND eased the pain of defeat, was one of the longest-established traditions in the British Navy, lasting from 1655 until 1970. The last Tot of Pusser's was drunk on board Their Majesties Ship on July 31st 1970, on, what is now known as Black Tot Day.

In 1979, almost a decade after the Black Tot Day, Charles Tobias obtained the rights to blend the naval Rum, and formed the company to distil the Rum according to the original Admiralty recipe. Over the decades Pusser’s Rum has become a favourite of many a Rum aficionado, especially, because it shares certain characteristics with a Single Malt Scotch.

Yachting is a most worthwhile endeavour and this particular Pusser expression pays a most fitting homage to the noble sport. Battling the elements and the sea is a primal urge that’s embodied deep within us and the Rum captures the essence of this sentiment perfectly. Don’t worry, even if you know naught about rigs & knots you’ll appreciate this decadent dram.
This finely crafted spirit is contained in a beautifully designed ceramic bottle. Serve it sparingly, enjoy, don’t just Splice the Main Brace once you rummage it out of your treasure cove. Drink it smooth, drink it hard, drink it slow and steady - but we insist you drink it…and let it glide down in a rocking motion of ecstasy.
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Dog Dogson
Dog Dogson's
Rum is why we measure alcohol proof. To make sure Rum wasn’t watered down, it had to be ‘proven’ by soaking gunpowder with it. If it was ‘overproof’ (higher than 57.15 % vol.), then the gunpowder would ignite, if it wouldn’t, it was ‘underproof’.

Tasting Notes

Chestnut mahogany color

Smell / Nose / Aroma
Demerara brown sugar, molasses and caramel, prunes, sherry and treacle with cedar wood

Flavour / Taste / Palate
leather, tobacco, dried sultanas, toffee, cedar wood, spicy vanilla oak.

Smooth, complex, and lingering.
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