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Principe De Los Apostoles Mate Gin
I had a drink with this Gin and it was so good! Get it.
Principe De Los Apostoles Mate Gin
Smooth and well balanced. Blends well with other botanicals for an exceptional gin and tonic (particularly cucumber, rosemary, and basil).
Principe De Los Apostoles Mate Gin
I really enjoyed this gin! This one is smooth and and I loved that it didn't taste like every other gin on the market. As a fan of yerba mate teas, this one was a joy to try in mixed drinks. It is a good balance in drinks that have a touch of spice and sour.
Principe De Los Apostoles Mate Gin
The perfect gin! I love sipping at room temp, or with a dash of chilled ginger ale, but not too much as to mask the flavor of the gin. My girlfriend hates the taste of alcohol and mostly likes sweet cocktails to mask the taste, but she loves to do shots of chilled Principe De Los Apostoles Mate Gin! The bottle is only a few days old and already halfway gone! I'm buying more so we never run out. I recommend starting sipping at room temp, and experimenting with different preparations, but don't discount just a plain room temp sip because it is delicious!